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2014Controllable Akhmediev breather and Kuznetsov-Ma soliton trains in PT-symmetric coupled waveguidesChaoqing Dai; Yueyue Wang; Xiaofei Zhang
2013Development of a hydrophilic PES ultrafiltration membrane containing SiO"2@N-Halamine nanoparticles with both organic antifouling and antibacterial propertiesHaoxia Yu; Xiaofei Zhang; Yatao Zhang; Jindun Liu; Haoqin Zhang
2011Fluorenylvinylenes bridged triphenylamine-based dyes with enhanced performance in dye-sensitized solar cellsHuipeng Zhou; Pengchong Xue; Yuan Zhang; Xin Zhao; Junhui Jia; Xiaofei Zhang; Xingliang Liu; Ran Lu
2015Hierarchically porous silicon–carbon–nitrogen hybrid materials towards highly efficient and selective adsorption of organic dyesLala Meng; Xiaofei Zhang; Yusheng Tang; Kehe Su; Jie Kong
2015Investigating mHealth Acceptance from a Protection Motivation Theory Perspective: Gender and Age DifferencesXitong Guo; Xiaocui Han; Xiaofei Zhang; Yuanyuan Dang; Chun Chen
2011Low-dimensional nanostructures fabricated from bis(dioxaborine)carbazole derivatives as fluorescent chemosensors for detecting organic amine vaporsXingliang Liu; Xiaofei Zhang; Ran Lu; Pengchong Xue; Defang Xu; Huipeng Zhou
2013Magnetoceramics from the Bulk Pyrolysis of Polysilazane Cross-Linked by Polyferrocenylcarbosilanes with Hyperbranched TopologyJie Kong; Minmin Kong; Xiaofei Zhang; Lixin Chen; Linan An
2016Modulation of the thermostability and substrate specificity ofCandida rugosa lipase1 by altering the acyl-binding residue Gly414 at the α-helix-connecting bendXiaofei Zhang; Yong Zhang; Guangyu yang; Yuan Xie; Lishi Xu; Jiao An; Yan Feng
2011New dendritic gelator bearing carbazole in each branching unit: selected response to fluoride ion in gel phaseDefang Xu; Xingliang Liu; Ran Lu; Pengchong Xue; Xiaofei Zhang; Huipeng Zhou; Junhui Jia
2014Nickel silicide,nanocrystal-containing magnetoceramics from the bulk pyrolysis of polysilazane and nickeloceneXiaofei Zhang; Lixin Chen; Lala Meng; Fangfang Chen; Jie Kong
2010Phenothiazine-based oligomers as novel fluorescence probes for detecting vapor-phase nitro compoundsXiaofei Zhang; Xianping Qiu; Ran Lu; Huipeng Zhou; Pengchong Xue; Xingliang Liu
2016Polymer-Derived Ceramic Microspheres with Controlled Morphology via Novel Phase-Separation Assisted PyrolysisXiaofei Zhang; Lixin Chen; Chunjia Luo; Jie Kong
2014Pressure oxidative leaching of Indian chromite ore in concentrated NaOH solutionHai Zhang; Hong-bin Xu; Xiaofei Zhang; Yang Zhang; Yi Zhang
2011Solvent-dependent photophysical and anion responsive properties of one glutamide gelatorPengchong Xue; Yuan Zhang; Junhui Jia; Defang Xu; Xiaofei Zhang; Xingliang Liu; Huipeng Zhou; Peng Zhang; Ran Lu; Makoto Takafuji; Hirotaka Ihara
2011Synthesis of star-shaped monodisperse oligo(9,9-di-n-octylfluorene-2,7-vinylene)s functionalized truxenes with two-photon absorption propertiesHuipeng Zhou; Xin Zhao; Tianhao Huang; Ran Lu; Hanzhuang Zhang; Xiaohui Qi; Pengchong Xue; Xingliang Liu; Xiaofei Zhang