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2015A hierarchical porous bowl-like PLA@MSNs-COOH composite for pH-dominated long-term controlled release of doxorubicin and integrated nanoparticle for potential second treatmentJianming Pan; Runrun Wu; Xiaohui Dai; Yijie Yin; Guoqing Pan; Minjia Meng; Weidong Shi,; Yongsheng Yan
2015Fabrication and evaluation of molecularly imprinted multi-hollow microspheres adsorbents with tunable inner pore structures derived from templating Pickering double emulsionsJianming Pan; Yijie Yin; Mengyin Gan; Minjia Meng; Xiaohui Dai; Runrun Wu; Weidong Shi; Yongsheng Yan
2013Fabrication and evaluation of temperature responsive molecularly imprinted sorbents based on surface of yeast via surface-initiated AGET ATRPJianming Pan; Hui Hang; Xiuxiu Li; Wenjing Zhu; Minjia Meng; Xiaohui Dai; Jiangdong Dai; Yongsheng Yan
2016Hierarchical macro and mesoporous foams synthesized by HIPEs template and interface grafted route for simultaneous removal of k-cyhalothrin and copper ionsJianming pan; Jun Zeng; Qin Cao; Heping Gao; Yongchao Gen; Yinxian Peng; Xiaohui Dai; Yongsheng Yan
2014Magnetic molecularly imprinted microcapsules derived from Pickering emulsion polymerization and their novel adsorption characteristics for λ-cyhalothrinJianming Pan; Wenjing Zhu; Xiaohui Dai; Xuesheng Yan; Mengyin Gan; Linzi Li; Hui Hang; Yongsheng Yan
2014Molecularly imprinted polymers derived from lignin-based Pickering emulsions and their selectively adsorption of lambda-cyhalothrinMengying Gan; Jianming Pan; Yunlei Zhang; Xiaohui Dai; Yijie Yin; Qin Qu; Yongsheng Yan
2014One-pot method for obtaining hydrophilic tetracycline-imprinted particles via precipitation polymerization in ethanolChunyan Zhao; Jiangdong Dai; Zhiping Zhou; Xiaohui Dai; Yongli Zou; Ping Yu; Tianbian Zou; Chunxiang Li; Yongsheng Yan
2016Rationally designed hybrid molecularly imprinted polymer foam for highly efficient k-cyhalothrin recognition and uptake via twice imprinting strategyYijie Yin; Jianming Pan; Jun Cao; Yue Ma; Guoqing Pan; Runrun Wu; Xiaohui Dai; Minjia Meng; Yongsheng Yan
2012Selective recognition of 2,4,5-trichlorophenol by temperature responsive and magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers based on halloysite nanotubesJianming Pan; Bing Wang; Jiangdong Dai; Xiaohui Dai; Hui Hang; Hongxiang Ou; Yongsheng Yan
2016Simultaneous removal of Pb(II) and 2,4,6-trichlorophenol by a hierarchical porous PU@PDA@MSNs sponge with reversible "shape memory" effectShucheng Liu; Jianming Pan; Jun Cao; Xiaohui Dai; Minjia Meng; Runrun Wu; Juntong Yao; Yongsheng Yan
2014Surface imprinted core-shell nanorod with ultrathin water-compatible polymer brushes for specific recognition and adsorption of sulfamethazine in water mediumJiangdong Dai; Zhiping Zhou; Yongli Zou; Xiao Wei; Xiaohui Dai; Chunxiang Li; Yongsheng Yan
2012Switched recognition and release ability of temperature responsive molecularly imprinted polymers based on magnetic halloysite nanotubesJianming Pan; Hui Hang; Xiaohui Dai; Jiangdong Dai; Pengwei Huo; Yongsheng Yan
2015Thermo-responsive and magnetic molecularly imprinted Fe3O4@carbon nanospheres for selective adsorption and controlled release of 2,4,5-trichlorophenolJixiang Wang; Jianming Pan; Yijie Yin; Runrun Wu; Xiaohui Dai; Jiangdong Dai; Lin Gao; Hongxiang Ou