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2015A novel nicotinic mechanism underlies β-amyloid-induced neurotoxicityLiu Q; Xie X; Emadi S; Sierks MR; Wu J
2015Comparative genomic analysis provides insights into the role of metabolic adaptations in the pathogenicity of epidemic Aeromonas hydrophila ST251 clonesPang MD; Jiang JW; Xie X; Wu YF; Dong YH; Kwok AHY; Zhang W; Yao HC; Lu CP; Leung FC; Liu YJ
2014Correlation between cerebral microbleeds and S100B/RAGE in acute lacunar stroke patientsXiao L; Sun W; Lan W; Xiong Y; Duan Z; Zhang Z; Fan W; Xu L; Xie X; Ma N; Ye R; Xu G; Liu X; Zhu W
2014Dependence of coastal wetland ecosystem respiration on temperature and tides: a temporal perspectiveXie X; Zhang M-Q; Zhao B; Guo H-Q
2015Effects of intensive blood pressure lowering on cardiovascular and renal outcomes: updated systematic review and meta-analysisXie X; Atkins E; Lv J; Bennett A; Neal B; Ninomiya T; Woodwa
2014Endothelial lipase-384A/C polymorphism is associated with acute coronary syndrome and lipid status in elderly Uygur patients in XinjiangHuang D; Xie X; Ma YT; Huang Y; Ma X
2016Evaluating the morphological changes of intracranial arteries and whole-brain perfusion in undetermined isolated vertigoLi W; Feng Y; Lu W; Xie X; Xiong Z; Jing Z; Cai X; <strong>Huang L</strong>
2015Functional and clinical evidence that TAZ is a candidate oncogene inhepatocellular carcinomaGuo Y; Pan Q; Zhang J; Xu X; Liu X; Wang Q; Yi R; Xie X; Zhang J; Yao L; Liu W; Shen L
2015Hepatitis B virus X protein induces expression of alpha-fetoprotein and activates PI3K/mTOR signaling pathway in liver cellsZhu M(#); Guo J(#); Li W; Lu Y; Fu S; Xie X; Xia H; Dong X; Chen Y; Quan M; Zheng S; Xie K(); Li M()
2013Isolation and Identification of Myxobacteria from Saline-Alkaline Soils in Xinjiang, ChinaZhang X; Yao Q; Cai Z; Xie X; Zhu Honghui.
2014Long-term remineralizing effect of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) on early caries lesions in vivo: a systematic review.Li J(#); Xie X; Wang Y; Yin W; Antoun JS; Farella M; Mei L()
2014Modeling of thermocapillary flow to purify single-walled carbon nanotubesSong JZ; Lu CF; Jin SH; Dunham SN; Xie X; Huang YG; Rogers JA
2014Overexpression of OsPIL15, a phytochrome interacting factor-like protein gene, represses etiolated seedling growth in rice.Zhou J; Liu Q; Zhang F; Wang Y; Zhang S; Cheng H; Yan L; Li L; Chen F; Xie X
2015Potential airborne transmission between two isolation cubicles through a shared anteroomHang J(#); Li Y(); Ching WH; Wei Jianjian; Lin R; Liu Li; Xie X
2015Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitors and Kidney and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients With CKD: A Bayesian Network Meta-analysis of Randomized Clinical TrialsXie X; Liu Y; Perkovic V; Lv J; Zhang H; Wang H.
2013SAA1 genetic polymorphisms are associated with plasma glucose concentration in non-diabetic subjectsXie X; Ma YT; Yang YN; Li XM; Zheng YY; Fu ZY; Ma X; Liu F; Huang Y; Chen BD
2013Superior outcome after neoadjuvant chemotherapy with docetaxel ,anthracycline, and cyclophosphamide versus docetaxel plus cyclophosphamide: results from the NATT trial in triple negative or HER2 positive breast cancerChen X; Ye G; Zhang C; Li X; Chen Y; Xie X; Zheng H; Cao Y; Wu K; Ni D; Tang J; Wei Z; Shen K