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2013A New Anti-cancer Strategy of Damaging Mitochondria by Pro-apoptotic Peptide Functionalized Gold NanoparticlesChen, Wei-Hai; Chen, Jing-Xiao; Cheng, Han; Chen, Chang-Sheng; Yang, Juan; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Wang, Yan; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2013A Peptide Nanofibrous Indicator for Eye-detectable Cancer Cell IdentificationChen, Chang-Sheng; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Wang, Ya; Yang, Juan; Jia, Hui-Zhen; Cheng, Han; Chu, Chih-Chang; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2012Branched Peptide Fibers Self-assembled from Gemini-like Amphiphilic PeptidesWang, Jian-Xun; Zhang, Yi-Xiao; Li, Jiang-Lan; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2014Cancer-targeted Functional Gold Nanoparticles for Apoptosis Induction and Real-time Imaging Based on FRETChen, Wei-Hai; Luo, Guo-Feng; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Jia, Hui-Zhen; Lei, Qi; Han, Kai; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2012Controlled Peptide Coated Nanostructures via the Self-assembly of Functional Peptide Building BlocksXu, Xiao-Ding; Chen, Jing-Xiao; Cheng, Han; Zhang, Xian-Zheng; Zhuo, Ren-Xi
2013Dual-targeting Pro-apoptotic Peptide for Programmed Cancer Cell Death via Specific Mitochondria DamageChen, Wei-Hai; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Luo, Guo-Feng; Jia, Hui-Zhen; Lei, Qi; Cheng, Si-Xue; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2012Encapsulation of An Adamantane-doxorubicin Prodrug in pH-Responsive Polysaccharide Capsules for Controlled ReleaseLuo, Guo-Feng; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Zhang, Jing; Yang, Juan; Gong, Yu-Hui; Lei, Qi; Jia, Hui-Zhen; Li, Cao; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2013In Situ Recognition of Cell-surface Glycans and Targeted Imaging of Cancer CellsXu, Xiao-Ding; Cheng, Han; Chen, Wei-Hai; Cheng, Si-Xue; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2014Multi-functional Envelope-type Nanoparticles Assembled from Amphiphilic Peptidic Prodrug with Improved Anti-tumor ActivityChen, Jing-Xiao; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Chen, Wei-Hai; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2014pH Responsive Micelle Self-assembled from A New Amphiphilic Peptide as Anti-tumor Drug CarrierLiang, Ju; Wu, Wen-Lan; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2013Photo-switched Self-assembly of A Gemini Alpha-helical Peptide into Supramolecular ArchitecturesChen, Chang-Sheng; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Li, Shi-Ying; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2013Self-assembled BolA-like Amphiphilic Peptides as Viral-mimetic Gene Vectors for Cancer Cell Targeted Gene DeliveryChen, Jing-Xiao; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Yang, Shuo; Yang, Juan; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2015Smart and Hyper-Fast Responsive Polyprodrug Nanoplatform for Targeted Cancer TherapyXu, Xiao-Ding; Cheng, Yin-Jia; Wu, Jun; Cheng, Hong; Cheng, Si-Xue; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng
2013Therapeutic Nanomedicine Based on Dual-intelligent Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Imaging and Therapy in VivoChen, Wei-Hai; Xu, Xiao-Ding; Jia, Hui-Zhen; Lei, Qi; Luo, Guo-Feng; Cheng, Si-Xue; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng