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2013"ICT-not-quenching" near infrared ratiometric fluorescent detection of picric acid in aqueous mediaXu, Yongqian; Li, Benhao; Li, Weiwei; Zhao, Jie; Sun, Shiguo; Pang, Yi
2013A facile intracellular fluorescent probe for detection of hydrazine and its applicationZhao, Jie; Xu, Yongqian; Li, Hongjuan; Lu, Aiping; Sun, Shiguo
2014A fluorescent probe for hydrazine and its in vivo applicationsXiao, Liangliang; Tu, Jia; Sun, Shiguo; Pei, Zhichao; Pei, Yuxin; Pang, Yi; Xu, Yongqian
2015A Ga3+self-assembled fluorescent probe for ATP imaging in vivoXiao, Liangliang; Sun, Shiguo; Pei, Zhichao; Pei, Yuxin; Pang, Yi; Xu, Yongqian
2014A near infrared fluorescent dye for trivalent ions sensing and working as a molecular keypad lockXu, Yongqian; Zhang, Dan; Li, Benhao; Zhang, Yunfei; Sun, Shiguo; Pang, Yi
2015A simple approach for the discrimination of surfactants based on the control of squaraine aggregationLi, Benhao; Li, Weiwei; Xu, Yongqian; Li, Jiang; Tu, Jia; Sun, Shiguo
2014A specific and rapid "on-off" acenaphthenequinone-based probe for HOCl detection and imaging in living cellsZhao, jie; Li, Hongjuan; Yang, Kui; Sun, Shiguo; Lu, Aiping; Xu, Yongqian
2014Discrimination of DNA from RNA with the host-guest complexes of tricyclic basic dyes and cucurbit[8]urilLi, Fusheng; Xu, Yongqian; Li, Hongjuan; Wang, Chaoxia; Lu, Aiping; Sun, Shiguo
2015Highly selective turn-on detection of (strept)avidin based on self-assembled near-infrared fluorescent probesHe, Qingyuan; Fan, Xiaopeng; Sun, Shiguo; Li, Hongjuan; Pei, Yuxin; Xu, Yongqian
2013Near-infrared fluorescent detection of glutathione via reaction-promoted assembly of squaraine-analyte adductsXu, Yongqian; Li, Benhao; Han, Pan; Sun, Shiguo; Pang, Yi
2015Near-infrared fluorescent turn-on detection of paraquat using an assembly of squaraine and surfactantsTu, Jia; Xiao, Liangliang; Jiang, Yingfang; He, Qingyuan; Sun, Shiguo; Xu, Yongqian
2015Polytriazole bridged with 2,5-diphenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole moieties: a highly sensitive and selective fluorescence chemosensor for Ag+Cao, Shoupeng; Pei, Zhichao; Xu, Yongqian; Zhang, Ruina; Pei, Yuxin
2014Substituent effect on fluorophores instead of ionophores: its implication in highly selective fluorescent probes for Zn2+ over Cd2+Xu, Yongqian; Xiao, Liangliang; Zhang, Yunfei; Sun, Shiguo; Pang, Yi
2014Switchable and selective detection of Zn2+ or Cd2+ in living cells based on 3'-O-substituted arrangement of benzoxazole-derived fluorescent probesXu, Yongqian; Xiao, Liangliang; Sun, Shiguo; Pei, Zhichao; Pei, Yuxin; Pang, Yi
2013The sphere-to-rod transition of squaraine-embedded micelles: a self-assembly platform displays a distinct response to cysteine and homocysteineXu, Yongqian; Li, Benhao; Xiao, Liangliang; Li, Weiwei; Zhang, Chenyuan; Sun, Shiguo; Pang, Yi
2014Triarylborane-terminalized branched pi-conjugative dyes: Synthesis, structure and optoelectronic propertiesYuan, Mao-Sen; Wang, Dong-En; Li, Tian-Bao; Xu, Yongqian; Wang, Wenji; Tu, Qin; Zhang, Yanrong; Li, Manlin; Wang, Jinyi