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2015A computational study of differential diffusion effects on smoke toxicity evaluationL. W. Pan; Y. Jiang
2015A computational study of differential diffusion effects on smoke toxicity evaluationL. W. Pan; Y. Jiang
2015A finite element variational multiscale method for incompressible flowY. Jiang; L. Mei; H. Wei
2015A Perron-type theorem for nonautonomous difference equations with nonuniform behaviorH. Zhu; C. Zhang; Y. Jiang
2012A simple Fourier transform spectrometer for terahertz applicationsY. Jiang; M. Liang; B. B. Jin; L. Kang; W. W. Xu; J. Chen; P. H. Wu
2015Annealing effects on the microstructure and mechanical properties of hot-rolled 14Cr-ODS steelR. Gao; T. Zhang; H.L. Ding; Y. Jiang; X.P. Wang; Q.F. Fang; C.S. Liu
2013Butterfly-shaped multiferroic BiFeO3@BaTiO3 core–shell nanotubes: the interesting structural, multiferroic, and optical propertiesY. Zhao; J. Miao; X. B. Meng; F. Weng; X. G. Xu; Y. Jiang; S. G. Wang
2014Changes of summer precipitation in China: The dominance of frequency and intensity and linkage with changes in moisture and air temperatureLu E.; Y. Zeng; Y. Luo; Y. Ding; W. Zhao; S. Liu; L. Gong; Y. Jiang; Z. Jiang; H. Chen
2013Characterization and properties of tungsten carbide coatings fabricated by SPS techniqueY. Jiang; J.F. Yang; Z. Zhuang; R. Liu; Z. You; X. P. Wang,; Q. F. Fang
2015Correlation between spin configuration and magnetostatic interaction of ferromagnetic nanocubesG. Jia; H.-G. Piao; Y. Jiang; X. Yang; X. Tan; Y. Huang
2010EIT-assisted large cross-Kerr nonlinearity in a four-level inverted-Y atomic systemJ. Kou; R. G. Wan; Z. H. Kang; H. H. Wang; L. Jiang; X. J. Zhang; Y. Jiang; J. Y. Gao
2015Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nano-Size Zirconium Carbide Dispersion Strengthened Tungsten Alloys Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering MethodZ.M. Xie; R. Liu; Q.F. Fang; T. Zhang; Y. Jiang; X.P. Wang; C.S. Liu
2015Morphology-controllablesynthesis of carbon nanomaterials directly on Al2O3 substrates, and theirphotoluminescenceX.S. Qi; Q. Hu; J.L. Xu; R. Xie; Y. Jiang; W. Zhong; Y.W. Du
2011Normal families of meromorphic functions sharing values or functionsY. Jiang; Z. Gao
2016Novel mutations of CLCN7 cause autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type II (ADO-II) and intermediate autosomal recessive osteopetrosis (IARO) in Chinese patients.Q. Pang; Y. Chi; Z. Zhao; X. Xing; M. Li; O.Wang; Y. Jiang; R. Liao; Y. Sun; J. Dong; W. Xia
2015Operating Spin Echo in the Quantum Regime for an Atomic-Ensemble Quantum MemoryJ. Rui; Y. Jiang; S.-J. Yang; B. Zhao; X.-H. Bao; J.-W. Pan
2011Organic co-decomposition method for the synthesis of Mn and Co doped ZnO submicrometer crystals: Photoluminescence and magnetic propertiesH. B. Wang; H. Wang; X. N. Wang; J. Zhang; S. Wu; J. X. Duan; Y. Jiang
2014Oxidation and corrosion resistance of WC coated tungsten fabricated by SPS carburization  Y. Jiang; J.F. Yang; R. Liu; X.P. Wang; Q.F. Fang
2008Predicting the time to flashover for GRP panels based on cone calorimeter test resultsQ. Xu; G. J. Griffin; I. Burch; Y. Jiang; C. Preston; A. D. Bicknell; G. P. Bradbury; N. White