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2014A rapid and precise method for quantification of fatty acids in human serum cholesteryl esters by liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometryYu S; Dong J; Zhou W; Yang R; Li H; Zhao H; Zhang T; Guo H; Wang S; Zhang C; Chen W
2015A simple and precise LC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous determination of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 and D2 without interference from the C3 epimerWang S; Wang S; Yang R; Zhou W; Li H; Dong J; Chen W
2015Association of branched-chain amino acids with coronary artery disease: A matched-pair caseecontrol study.Yang R; Wang S; Sun L; Liu J; Li H; Sui X; Wang M; Xiu H; Wang S; He Q; Dong J; Chen W
2015C5b-9-targeted molecular MR imaging in rats with Heymann nephritis: a new approach in the evaluation of nephrotic syndrome.Huang Q; Wen S; Wang B; Wang Q; Guo C; Wu X; Zhang R; Yang R; Chen F; Wenbo Xiao
2015CART treatmentimproves memory and synaptic structure in APP/PS1 miceJin JL; Liou AK; Shi Y; Yin KL; Chen L; Li LL; Zhu XL; Qian L; Yang R; Chen J; Xu Y
2016Contusion and recovery of individual cognition based on catastrophe theory: A computational modelLv S; Yang R; Huang C()
-Decreased Frequency of IL-17F rs763780 Site Allele G is Associated With Genetic Susceptibility to Immune Thrombocytopenia in a Chinese Population.Li H; Zhou Z; Tai W; Feng W; Zhang D; Gu X; Yang R
2014Defect clustering upondislocation annihilation in a-titanium and a-zirconium with hexagonal close-packed structureWang H; Xu DS; Yang R
2012Development and Validation of a Tuberculosis Medication Adherence ScaleYin X#; Tu X#; Tong Y; Yang R; Wang Y; Cao S; Fan H; Wang F; Gong Y; Yin P; Lu Z
2015Early transcriptionalresponse of human monocyte-like THP-1 cells in response to richosporon asahiiinfectionCong L(#); Liao Y; Lu X; Xia Z; Li H; Yang R
2015Epsilon-poly-l-lysine guided improving pulmonary delivery of supramolecular self-assembled insulin nanospheres.Shi K; Liu Y; Ke L; Fang Y; Yang R; Cui F
2016Essential control of mitochondrial morphology and function by chaperone-mediated autophagy through degradation of PARK7Wang B(#); Cai Z(#); Tao K; Zeng W; Lu F; Yang R; Feng D; Gao G(); <b>Yang Q</b>()
2013Exonuclease 1 is essential for maintaining genomic stability and the proliferative capacity of neural but not hematopoietic stem cellsZhang J(#); Yang R; Zhou D; Rudolph KL; Meng A; Ju Z()
2015Fatigue crack growth behavior of beta-annealed Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-xMo(x=2, 4 and 6) alloys: Influence of microstructure and stress ratioQiu JK; Feng X; Ma YJ; Lei JF; Liu YY; Huang AJ; Rugg D; Yang R
2014Gadd45a deletion aggravates hematopoietic stem cell dysfunction in ATM-deficient miceChen Y; Yang R; Guo P; Ju Z()
2014H-NS is a repressor of major virulence gene loci in Vibrio parahaemolyticusSun F; Zhang Y; Qiu Y; Yang H; Yang W; Yin Z; Wang J; Yang R; Xia P; Zhou D
2015Identification of eight novel mutations and transcript analysis of two splicing mutations in Chinese newborns with MCC deficiencyYang L; Yang J; Zhang T; Weng C; Hong F; Tong F; Yang R; Yin X; Yu P; Huang X; Qi M
2014Insulinoma imaging with glucagon‑like peptide‑1 receptor targeting probe 18F‑FBEM–Cys39‑exendin‑4Xu Y; Pan D; Xu Q; Zhu C; Wang L; Chen F; Yang R; Luo S; Yang M
2014PET imaging of prostate tumors with 18F-Al-NOTA-MATBBNPan D; Yan Y; Yang R; Xu YP; Chen F; Wang L; Luo S; Yang M
2014Pilot study of a novel (18)F-labeled FSHR probe for tumor imagingXu Y; Pan D; Zhu C; Xu Q; Wang L; Chen F; Yang R; Luo S; Yang M; Yan Y