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2014 A large-scale screen for coding variants predisposing to psoriasisTang HY; Jin X; Li Y; Jiang H; Tang XF; Yang X; Cheng H; Yang S; Wang J; Zhang XJ
2014A lentiviral sponge for miRNA-21 diminishes aerobic glycolysis in bladder cancer T24 cells via the PTEN/PI3K/AKT/mTOR axis.Yang X; Cheng Y; Li P; Tao J; Deng X; Zhang X; Gu
2015A new briarane-type diterpenoid from the South China Sea Gorgonian Dichotella gemmaceaSun J; Yang B; Zhou X; Yang X; Wang L; Liu Y
2014Ablation depth and its effects on corneal biomechanical changes in laser in situ keratomileusis and epipolis laser in situ keratomileusis.Zhang L; Wang Y; Yang X
2015Activity of a novel bactericide, zinc thiazole against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Anhui Province of ChinaChen Y; Yang X; Gu CY; Zhang AF; Zhang Y; Wang WX; Gao TC; Yao J; Yuan SK
2016Al[18F]NOTA-T140 Peptide for Noninvasive Visualization of CXCR4 Expression.Yan X(#); Niu G; Wang Z; Yang X; Kiesewetter DO; Jacobson O(); <b>Shen B</b>(); Chen X()
2013All-trans retinoic acid modulates mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway activation in human scleral fibroblasts through retinoic acid receptor betaHuo L; Cui D; Yang X; Gao Z; Trier K; Zeng J
2013An approach to identify the functional transduction and transmission of an activated pathwayWang N; Bo L; Zhang F; Tan X; Yang X; Xiao Z
2014An association study between genetic polymorphism in the interleukin-6 receptor gene and coronary heart diseaseZhou J; Chen X; Ye H; Peng P; Ba Y; Yang X; Huang X; Lu Y; Jiang X; <b>Lian J</b>(); Duan S()
2015Ang-(1-7) promotes the migration and invasion of human renal cell carcinomacells via Mas-mediated AKT signaling pathway.Zheng S; Yang Y; Song R; Yang X; Liu H; Ma Q; Yang L; Meng R; Tao T; Wang S; He J.
2015Antidiabetic Effect of Salvianolic Acid A on Diabetic Animal Models via AMPK Activation and Mitochondrial RegulationQiang G; Yang X; Shi L; Zhang H; Chen B; Zhao Y; Zu M; Zhou D; Guo J; Yang H; Zhang L; Du G
2015Association between circulating adipokines, radiographic changes, and knee cartilage volume in patients with knee osteoarthritisZheng S; Xu J; Xu S; Zhang M; Huang S; He F; Yang X; Xiao H; Zhang H; Ding C
2014Association between NFKB1 -94ins/del ATTG Promoter Polymorphism and Cancer Susceptibility: An Updated Meta-Analysis.Yang X; Li P; Tao J; Qin C; Cao Q; Gu J; Deng X
2015Association of the XPA A23G polymorphism with the risk of head and neck carcinomas: Evidence from 5491 subjects.Wu L; Gao X; Ye D; Ding Y; Yang X; Liu W.
2014BMP-FGF Signaling Axis Mediates Wnt-Induced Epidermal Stratification in Developing Mammalian SkinZhu X; Liu Y; Dai ZM; Zhang X; Yang X; Li Y; Qiu M; Fu J; Hsu Wei; Chen Y; Zhang Z
2016Bridges between mitochondrial oxidative stress, ER stress and mTOR signaling in pancreatic β cellsWang J; Yang X; Zhang J
2014Characterization of EGFR family geneaberrations in cholangiocarcinoma.Yang X; Wang W; Wang C; Wang L; Yang M; Qi M; Su H; Sun X; Liu Z; Zhang J; Qin X; Bo Han
2013Characterization of major depressive disorder using a multiparametric classification approach based on high resolution structural imagesQiu L#; Huang X#; Zhang J; Wang Y; Kuang W; Li J; Wang X; Wang L; Yang X; Lui S; Mechelli A; Gong Q
2012Correlation between LRRK2 gene G2385R polymorphisms and Parkinson's diseaseYan H; Ma Q; Yang X; Wang Y; Yao Y; Li H
2016Design strategy for the multi-layer core-shell bioceramics with controlled chemistryLiu L; He D; Yang X; Zhang L; Yang G; Dai X; <strong>Gou Z</strong>