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2015Association between the TERT Genetic Polymorphism rs2853676 and Cancer Risk: Meta-Analysis of 76 108 Cases and 134 215 ControlsCao JL; Yuan P; Abuduwufuer A; Lv W; Yang YH; Hu J
2015Black-spottedpond frog (Pelophylax nigromaculatus)on the Chinese Loess Plateau represents a cryptic species: Evidence frommolecular phylogeny and ecological niche modelingMa D; Liu HT; Ji YJ; Shi CM; Yang YH; Zhang DX(张德兴)
2014Climatic and Edaphic Controls on Soil pH in Alpine Grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau, China: A Quantitative AnalysisJi CJ; Yang YH; Han WX; He YF; SMITH J; SMITH P
2014Clustered spikelets 4, encoding a putative cytochrome P450 protein CYP724B1, is essential for rice panicle developmentGuo M; Yang YH; Liu M; Meng QC; Zeng XH; Dong LX; Tang SZ; Gu MH; Yan CJ
2012Geography, environment, and spatial turnover of species in China’s grasslandsTang ZY; Fang JY; Chi XL; Yang YH; Ma WH; Mohhamot A; Guo ZD; Liu YN; Gaston KJ
2015Identification of quantitative trait loci responsible for ricegrain protein content using chromosome segmentsubstitution lines and fine mapping of qPC-1 in rice(Oryza sativa L.)Yang YH; Guo M; Li RD; Shen L; Wang W; Liu M; Hu Z; He QW; Xue Y; Tang SZ; Gu MH; Yan CJ
2015Relationship between echocardiographic and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging-derived measures of right ventricular function in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension.Li YD; Wang YD; Zhai ZG; Guo XJ; Wu YF; Yang YH; Lu XZ.
2012Significant soil acidification across northern China's grasslands during 1980s-2000sYang YH; Ji CJ; Ma WH; Wang SF; Wang SP; Han WX; Mohammat A; Robinson D; Smith P
2014The effect of transforming growth factor β1 on the crosstalk between autophagy and apoptosis in the annulus fibrosus cells under serum deprivationNi BB; Li B; Yang YH; Chen JW; Chen K; Jiang SD; Jiang LS