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2017An investigation of the effects of elevated phosphorus in water on the release of heavy metals in sediments at a high resolutionChen; Musong(#); Ding; Shiming(); Zhang; Liping; Li; Yangyang; Sun; Qin; Zhang; Chaosheng
2015Dielectric and microwave absorption properties of plasma sprayed Cr/Al2O3 composite coatingsZhou; Liang(#)(); Cui; Shan; Zhai; Ying; Luo; Fa; Dong; Yangyang
2015Evaluation of transforming growth factor-beta1 suppress Pokemon/epithelial-mesenchymal transition expression in human bladder cancer cells.Li; Wei(#); Kidiyoor; Amritha; Hu; Yangyang; Guo; Changcheng; Liu; Min; Yao; Xudong; Zhang; Yuanyuan; Peng; Bo; Zheng; Junhua()
2016Granulation of Y2O3 powders by a vibration method for the preparation of transparent ceramicsLi; Xiaokai(#); Xu; Yangyang; Mao; Xiaojian(); Zhu; Qiangqiang; Feng; Minghui; Jiang; Benxue; Zhang; Long()
2014Melittin radiosensitizes esophageal squamous cell carcinoma with induction of apoptosis in vitro and in vivo.Zhu; Hongcheng(#); Yang; Xi(#); Liu; Jia(#); Ge; Yangyang; Qin; Qin; Lu; Jing; Zhan; Liangliang; Liu; Zheming; Zhang; Hao; Chen; Xiaochen; Zhang; Chi; Xu; Liping; Cheng; Hongyan; Sun; Xinchen()
2015Microstructure evolution and energy band alignment at the interface of a Si-rich amorphous silicon carbide/c-Si heterostructureXixing Wen; Xiangbin Zeng; Wugang Liao; Yangyang; Xiaoxiao Chen
2016Molecular Weight of Amphoteric Polyacrylamide: How it is Influenced by the Variables in Synthesis, and its Impacts on the Dry Strength of Paper SheetsZhu; Yangyang; Jin; Er-Suo; Yang; Fang; Li; Xiangyu; Zhu; Wenyuan; Yao; Chunli; Song; Junlong()
2016On the polymorphic and morphological changes of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC-I) upon mercerization and conversion to CNC-IIJin; Ersuo; Guo; Jiaqi; Yang; Fang; Zhu; Yangyang; Song; Junlong(); Jin; Yongcan; Rojas; Orlando J.()
2016Ratio of S-adenosylmethionine to S-adenosylhomocysteine as a sensitive indicator of atherosclerosisZhang; Huiping(#); Liu; Zhihong(#); Ma; Shengchao(#); Zhang; Hui; Kong; Fanqi; He; Yangyang; Yang; Xiaoling; Wang; Yanhua; Xu; Hua; Yang; Anning; Tian; Jue; Zhang; Minghao; Cao; Jun; Jiang; Yideng(); Guo; X
2015Study of fluorescence probe transfer mechanism based on a new type of excited-state intramolecular proton transferDai; Yumei(#); Zhao; Jinfeng; Cui; Yanling; Wang; Qianyu; Song; Peng(); Ma; Fengcai(); Zhao; Yangyang
2014Study on the movement law of overburden strata during mining strip pillar with paste<b>Guo; Weijia</b>(#); Li; Yangyang; Zhang; Baoliang; Wang; Hailong; Sun; Xizhen
2016Triptolide induces protective autophagy through activation of the CaMKK beta-AMPK signaling pathway in prostate cancer cellsZhao; Fei(#); Huang; Weiwei(#); Zhang; Zhe; Mao; Lin; Han; Yangyang; Yan; Jun; Lei; Ming()
2014Unusual preservation of polyhedral molecular building units in a metal-organic framework with evident desymmetrization in ligand designXie; Yabo; Yang; Hui; Wang; Zhiyong U.; Liu; Yangyang; Zhou; Hong-Cai; Li; Jian-Rong()
2014Versatile palladium-catalyzed C-H olefination of (hetero)arenes at room temperatureShe; Zhijie; Shi; Yang; Huang; Yumin; Cheng; Yangyang; Song; Feijie(); You; Jingsong()