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20153'-Deoxyadenosine (Cordycepin) Produces a Rapid and Robust Antidepressant Effect via Enhancing Prefrontal AMPA Receptor Signaling PathwayLi B; Hou Y; Zhu M; Bao H; Nie J; Zhang GY; Shan L; Yao Y; Du K; Yang H; Li M; Zheng B; Xu X; Xiao C; Du J
2013A Comparison Study of Two 3-UPU Translational Parallel Manipulators胡波; Yao Y; Wu P; 路懿
2013A critical role for the long non-coding RNA GAS5 in proliferation and apoptosis in non-small-cell lung cancer.Shi X; Sun M; Liu H; Yao Y; Kong R; Chen F; Song Y
2015A Cytoplasmic NFκB Interacting Long Noncoding RNA Blocks IκB Phosphorylation and Suppresses Breast Cancer MetastasisLiu B#; Sun L#; Liu Q#; Gong C#; Yao Y; Lv X; Lin
2015A Cytoplasmic NFκB Interacting Long Noncoding RNA Blocks IκB Phosphorylation and Suppresses Breast Cancer Metastasis.Liu B; Sun L; Liu Q; Gong C; Yao Y; Lv X; Lin L; Yao H; Su F; Li D; Zeng M; Song E.
2015An effective heterogeneous iron-based catalyst to activate peroxymonosulfate for organic contaminants removalGong F; Wang L; Li D; Zhou F; Yao Y; Lu W; Huang S; Chen W.
2015Bradyrhizobium erythrophlei sp. nov. and Bradyrhizobium ferriligni sp. nov., isolated from effective nodules of Erythrophleum fordii.Yao Y; Sui XH; Wang R; Wang ET; Chen WX.
2012Correlation between LRRK2 gene G2385R polymorphisms and Parkinson's diseaseYan H; Ma Q; Yang X; Wang Y; Yao Y; Li H
2014Functional conservation of the glycosyltransferase gene GT47A in the monocot riceZhang BL; Zhao TM; Yu WG; Kuang BQ; Yao Y; Liu TL; Chen XY; Zhang WH; Wu AM
2014Genetic Diversity and Evolution of Bradyrhizobium Populations Nodulating Erythrophleum fordii, an Evergreen Tree Indigenous to the Southern Subtropical Region of ChinaYao Y; Wang R; Lu JK; Sui XH; Wang ET; Chen WX
2015In vivo osteoprotegeringene therapy preventing bone loss induced by periodontitisTang H; Mattheos N; Yao Y; Jia Y; Ma L; Gong P
2013Long non-coding RNAs: a new frontier in the study of human diseasesShi X; Sun M; Liu H; Yao Y; Song Y
2015MiR-320a Acts as a Prognostic Factor and Inhibits Metastasis of Salivary Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma by Targeting ITGB3Sun L#; Liu B#; Lin Z#; Yao Y; Chen Y; Li Y; Chen
2014Pigment epithelial-derived factor(PEDF)-triggered lung cancer cell apoptosis relies on a p53-driven Fas-L up-regulation and Fas cell surface translocation.Li L; Yao Y; Fang S; Ma C; Cen Y; Xu Z; Dai Z; Li C; Li S; Zhang T; Hong H; Qi W; Zhou T; Li C; Yang X; Gao G
2015Potentiated DNA damage response in circulating breast tumor cells confers resistance to chemotherapyGong C; Liu B; Yao Y; Qu S; Luo W; Tan W; Liu Q; Yao H; Zou L; Su F; Song E
2015Potentiated DNA Damage Response in Circulating Breast Tumor Cells Confers Resistance to Chemotherapy.Gong C; Liu B; Yao Y; Qu S; Luo W; Tan W; Liu Q; Yao H; Zou L; Su F; Song E
2015Preparation and preliminary in vitro evaluation of a bFGF-releasing heparin-conjugated poly(ε-caprolactone) membrane for guided bone regeneration.Cao C; Song Y; Yao Q; Yao Y; Wang L; Huang B; Gong P
2014Systematic characterization of small RNAome during zebrafish early developmental stagesYao Y; Ma L; Jia Q; Deng W; Liu Z; Zhang Y; Ren J; Xue Y; Jia H; Yang Q
2013Targeted silenceing of Mart-1 gene expression by RNA interference enhances the migration ability of Uveal Melanoma cellsZhang Y; Jia R; Wang J; Xu X; Yao Y; Ge S; Fan X
2013The Artemisinin Derivative Artesunate Inhibits Corneal Neovascularization by Inducing ROS-Dependent Apoptosis in Vascular Endothelial CellsCheng R; Li C; Li C; Wei L; Li L; Zhang Y; Yao Y