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201360-kDa Tat-interactive Protein (TIP60) Positively Regulates Th-inducing POK (ThPOK)-mediated Repression of Eomesodermin in Human CD4(+) T CellsLi Y; Tsun A; Han Z; Gao Y; Gao Z; Li Z; Lin F; Wang Y; Wei G; Yao Z; Li B
2014A novel mutation in the COL7A1 gene results in a unique phenotype of epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa.Ni C; Zhang J; Zhang H; Cheng R; Liang J; Li C; Li M; Yao Z
2012A recurrent mutation in the APCDD1 gene responsible for hereditary hypotrichosis simplex in a large Chinese familyLi M; Cheng R; Zhuang Y; Yao Z
2013Analyses of FLG mutation frequency and filaggrin expression in isolatedichthyosis vulgaris (IV) and atopic dermatitis-associated IV.Li M; Cheng R; Shi M; Liu J; Zhang G; Liu Q; Yu H; Yao Z
2015Annual nitric and nitrous oxide fluxes from Chinese subtropical plastic greenhouse and conventional vegetable cultivations.Yao Z; Liu C(); Dong H; Wang R; Zheng X
2015Characteristics of annual nitrous and nitricoxide emissions from major cereal crops in the North China Plain underalternative fertilizer managementYan G; Yao Z; Zheng X; Liu C
2012Common FLG mutation K4671X not associated with atopic dermatitis in Han Chinese in a family association study.Cheng R; Li M; Zhang H; Guo Y; Chen X; Tao J; Jiang A; Gan J; Qi H; Yu H; Liao W; Yao Z
2015Effects of increasing fertilization rates onnitric oxide emission and nitrogen use efficiency in low carbon calcareous soilLiu C; Wang K; Yao Z; Zheng X
2016Effects of lidocaine on regulatory T cells in atopic dermatitis.Li H; Li C; Zhang H; Zhang L; Cheng R; Li M; Guo Y; Zhang Z; Lu Z; Zhuang Y; Yan M; Gu Y; Feng X; Liang J; Yu X; Wang H; Yao Z
2015Evaluation of immune responses of gastric cancer patients treated by laparoscopic and open gastrectomyCui M; Gong C; Jiang B; Yao Z; Chen L; Di J; Xing J; Zhang C; Zhang N; Liu M; Tan F; Wang Z; Su X(苏向前)
2015Gene diagnosis and prenatal genetic diagnosis of a case of dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa family caused by gonadosomatic mosaicism for the COL7A1 mutation p.Gly2043Arg in the pregnant mother.Shen J; Zhang J; Wang Z; Ni C; Li H; Cheng R; Liang J; Li M; Yao Z
2015Genotype-phenotype correlation of xeroderma pigmentosum in a Chinese Han population.Sun Z; Zhang J; Guo Y; Ni C; Liang J; Cheng R; Li M; Yao Z
2012Interactions between FLG mutations and allergens in atopic dermatitis.Li M; Liu J; Liu Q; Yao M; Cheng R; Xue H; Zhou H; Yao Z
2013Lidocaine inhibits staphylococcal enterotoxin-stimulated activation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with atopic dermatitis.Jiao Q; Wang H; Hu Z; Zhuang Y; Yang W; Li M; Yu X; Liang J; Guo Y; Zhang H; Chen X; Cheng R; Yao Z
2013MicroRNA-127 is Downregulated by Tudor-SN Protein and Contributes to Metastasis and Proliferation in Breast Cancer Cell Line MDA-MB-231.Zhao X; Duan Z; Liu X; Wang B; Wang X; He J; Yao Z; Yang J
2015Neonatal thyroid function born to mothers living with long-term excessive iodine intake from drinking waterChen W; Sang Z; Tan L; Zhang S; Dong F; Chu Z; Wei W; Zhao N; Zhang G; Yao Z; Shen J; Zhang W
2015Organically fertilized tea plantationstimulates N2O emissions and lowers NO fluxes in subtropical ChinaYao Z; Wei Y; Liu C; Zheng X; Xie B
2015Organically fertilized tea plantationstimulates N2O emissions and lowers NO fluxes in subtropical ChinaYao Z; Wei Y; Liu C(); Zheng X; Xie B
2015Poly(A)+ mRNA-binding protein Tudor-SN regulates stress granule aggregation dynamics.Gao X; Fu X; Song J; Zhang Y; Cui X; Su C; Ge L; Shao J; Xin L; Saarikettu J; Mei M; Yang X; Wei M; Silvennoinen O; Yao Z; He J; Yang J
2015SND1 acts downstream of TGFβ1 and upstream of Smurf1 to promote breast cancer metastasis.Yu L; Liu X; Cui K; Di Y; Xin L; Sun X; Zhang W; Yang X; Wei M; Yao Z; Yang J