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2015Associationof functional genetic variants in ppargamma and pparalpha encoding peroxisomeproliferator-activated receptors with ischemic stroke in a unique chinesepopulationTong Y#; Lu Q#; Zhang Y#; Zhan F#; Cai L#; Guan X; Ying X; Lu Z; Liu J; Liu J
2014Erbin interacts with c-Cbl and promotes tumourigenesis and tumour growth in colorectal cancer by preventing c-Cbl mediated ubiquitination and down-regulation of EGFRYao S; Zheng P; Wu H; Song L; Ying X; Xing C; Li Y; Xiao Z; Zhou X; Shen T; Chen L; Liu Y; Lai M; Mei L; Gao T; Li J
2015Functional genetic variants of pparx03b3; and pparalpha encoding peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors and susceptibility to ischemic stroke in chinese han populationTong Y#,; Cai L#; Han S#; Lu Q#; Guan X#; Ying X; Hou S; Zhan F; Cheng JQ; Liu J
2014Liver X receptor agonist treatment attenuates cardiac dysfunction in type 2 diabetic db/db miceHe Q; Pu J(唯一通讯); Yuan A; Yao T; Ying X; Zhao Y; Xu L; Tong H; He B
2011The efficacy of mitochondrial targeting antiresistant epirubicin liposomes in treating resistant leukemia in animalsMen Y; Wang XX; Li RJ; Zhang Y; Tian W; Yao HJ; Ju RJ; Ying X; Zhou J; Li N; Zhang L; Yu Y; Lu WL
2015Vitamin D receptor activation protects against myocardial reperfusion injury through inhibition of apoptosis and modulation of autophagyYao T; Ying X; Zhao Y; Yuan A; He Q; Tong H; Ding S; Liu J; Peng X; Gao E; Pu J(共同通讯); He B