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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Fuzzy Control Approach to Stabilization of MarkovianJump Systems with General Unknown Transition ProbabilitiesLei Shi; Yonggui Kao
2017Delay-dependent H ∞ filtering for singular Markovian jump systems with general uncomplete transition probabilitiesGuowei Yang(#); Yonggui Kao
2013Delay-independent sliding mode control for a class of quasi-linear parabolic distributed parameter systems with time-varying delayHailong Xing; Donghai Li; Cunchen Gao; Yonggui Kao
2012Exponential stability of impulsive stochastic fuzzy reaction-diffusion Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with mixed delaysChanghong Wang; Yonggui Kao; Guowei Yang
2015Exponential synchronization of delayed Markovian jumpcomplex networks with generally uncertain transition ratesRuiping Xu; Yonggui Kao; Cunchen Gao
2011Global exponential robust stability of static interval neural networks with S-type distributed delaysWei Han; Yonggui Kao; Linshan Wang
2008Global exponential stability analysis for cellular neural networks with variable coefficients and delaysYonggui Kao; Cunchen Gao
-New delay-dependent stability of Markovian jump neutral stochastic systems with general unknown transition ratesYonggui Kao; Changhong Wang; Jing Xie; Hamid Reza Karimi
2016Observer-based H_infinity sliding mode controllerdesign for uncertain stochastic singular time-delay systemsYonggui Kao; Jing Xie; Changhong Wang; Hamid Reza Karimi
2015Robust Stabilization of Markovian Jump Linear Singular Systems with Wiener Process and Generally Incomplete Transition RatesGuowei Yang; Yonggui Kao; Lei Shi; Yonggui Kao
2015RobustStabilization of Markovian Jump Linear Singular Systems with Wiener Process andGenerally Incomplete Transition Rates杨国为; Yonggui Kao; Lei Shi