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2015A decomposition-ensemble model withdata-characteristic-driven reconstruction for crude oil price forecastingYu, Lean; Wang, Zishu; Tang, Ling
2016A novel decomposition ensemble model withextended extreme learning machine for crude oil price forecastingYu, Lean; Dai, Wei; Tang, Ling
2015A novel hybrid FA-based LSSVR learning paradigm for hydropower consumption forecastingTang, Ling; Wang, Zishu; Li, Xinxie; Yu, Lean; Zhang, Guoqing
-A novel hybrid Grid-GA based LSSVR learningparadigm for international crude oil price forecastingYu, Lean; Dai, Wei; Tang, Ling; Wu, Jiaqian
-A novel multistage deep belief network basedextreme learning machine ensemble learning paradigm for credit risk assessmentYu, Lean; Yang, Zebin; Tang, Ling
2015Carbon emissions trading schemeexploration in China: A multi-agent based model.Tang, Ling; Wu, Jiaqian; Yu, Lean; Bao, Qin
2015Complexity testingtechniques for time series data: A comprehensive literature reviewTang, Ling; Lv, Huiling; Yang, Fengmei; Yu, Lean
-Economic and environmental influences of coal resource tax reform in China: A dynamic computable equilibrium approachTang, Ling; Shi, Jiarui; Yu, Lean; Bao, Qin
2015Linear and nonlinear Granger causalityinvestigation between carbon market and crude oil market: A multi-scaleapproachYu, Lean; Li, Jingjing; Tang, Ling
2010A multiscale neural network learning paradigm for financial crisis forecastingYu, Lean; Wang, Shouyang; Lai, Kin Keung; Wen, Fenghua
2008Multistage RBF neural network ensemble learning for exchange rates forecastingYu, Lean; Lai, Kin Keung; Wang, Shouyang
2010Neural network methods for forecasting turning points in economic time series: an asymmetric verification to business cyclesZhang, Dabin; Yu, Lean; Wang, Shouyang; Xie, Haibin
2009A neural-network-based nonlinear metamodeling approach to financial time series forecastingYu, Lean; Wang, Shouyang; Lai, Kin Keung
2014Pricing Scheme of Ocean Carrier for Inbound Container Storage for Assistance of Container Supply Chain FinanceYu, Mingzhu; Tian, Xin; Yu, Lean