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2015A "rolling ball method" to make glass fiber reinforced hollow epoxy macrospheres used for a three phase epoxy syntactic foamWu; X. F.; Wang; Y.; Yang; X. R.; Yu; J. H.; Wang; L. C.; Hou; S. J.; Jiang; P. K.
2015A correlativity study of plasma APL1β28 andclusterin levels with MMSE/MoCA/CASI in aMCI patientsMeng; Y.; Li; H.; Hua; R.; Wang; H.; Lu; J.; Yu; X.; and Zhan
2015A New Image Denoising Method by Combining WT with ICAChengzhi Ruan; Dean Zhao; Weikuan Jia; Chen Chen; Yu
2013Can all nitrogen-doped defects improve the performance of graphene anode materials for lithium-ion batteries?Yu; Yang-Xin
2016Comparative proteomic analysis of latex from Hevea brasiliensis treated with Ethrel and methyl jasmonate using iTRAQ-coupled two-dimensional LC–MS/MSDai; Longjun; Kang; Guijuan; Nie; Zhiyi; Li; Yu; Zeng; Rizhong
2015Comparative studies on double-layered protuberant foil bearing and Hydresil foil bearingHou; Yu
2015Connexin 43 stabilizes astrocytes in a stroke-like milieu to facilitateneuronal recoveryWu; L. Y.; Yu; X. L. and Feng; L. Y.
2015Control of plasmonic fluorescence enhancement on self-assembled 2-D colloidal crystalsHong; Wei; Zhang; Yu; Gan; Lin; Chen; Xudong; Zhang; Mingqiu
2015Control of target-normal-sheath-accelerated protons from a guiding coneZou; DB; Zhuo; HB; Yang; XH; Yu; TP; Shao; FQ; Pukhov; A
2014Dual signal amplification of surface plasmon resonance imaging for sensitive immunoassay of tumor markerHu; Weihua; Chen; Hongming; Shi; Zhuanzhuan; Yu; Ling
2015Effects of short-term flooding on arsenic transport in groundwater system: A case study of the Datong BasinYu; Q.; Wang; Y.; Xie; X.; Currell; M.; Pi; K. and Yu; M..
2015Engineering heterogeneous semiconductors for solar water splittingLi; Xin; Yu; Jiaguo; Low; Jingxiang; Fang; Yueping; Xiao; Jing; Chen; Xiaobo
2015Enhanced dense attosecond electron bunch generation by irradiating an intense laser on a cone targetHu; Li-Xiang; Yu; Tong-Pu; Shao; Fu-Qiu; Zou; De-Bin; Yin; Yan
2015Experimental study on bump-foil gas bearing with different diametric clearance configurationsHou; Yu
2015Facile Fabrication of Reduced GrapheneOxide/Polypyrrole Composite Hydrogels with Excellent ElectrochemicalPerformance and Compression CapacityTao Ni; Liang Xu; Yupeng Sun; Wei Yao; Tingyang Dai; Yu
2015Geochemical effects of dissolved organic matter biodegradation on arsenic transport in groundwater systemsPi; K.; Wang; Y.; Xie; X.; Huang; S.; Yu; Q. and Yu; M.
2013Graphenylene: a promising anode material for lithium-ion batteries with high mobility and storageYu; Yang-Xin
2015High-energy-density electron jet generation from an opening gold cone filled with near-critical-density plasmaYu; TP; Yu; W; Shao; FQ; Luan; SX; Zou; DB; Ge; ZY; Zhang; GB; Wang; JW; Wang; WQ; Li; XH
2016Identification of a rhodopsin gene mutation in a largefamily with autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosaYu; X.; et al; Gu; F.
2015Laser-driven high-energy-density deuterium and tritium ions for neutron production in a double-cone configurationHu; Li-Xiang; Yu; Tong-Pu; Shao; Fu-Qiu; Zhu; Qing-Jun; Yin; Yan; Ma; Yan-Yun