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2014Biological role of Trichoderma harzianum-derived Plate-activate-factor Acetyl hydrolase (PAF-AH) on Stress response and antagonismYu CJ; Fan LL; Wu Q; Fu KH; Chen J
2015Construction of a high-quality yeast two-hybrid library and its application in identification of interacting proteins with Brn1 in Curvularia lunataGao JX; Jing J; Yu CJ; Chen J
2014Hypoxia augments the calcium-activated chloride current carried by anoctamin-1 in cardiac vascular endothelial cells of neonatal mice.[共同通讯作者]Wu MM(#); Lou J; Song BL; Gong YF; Li YC; Yu CJ; Wang QS; Ma TX; Ma K; Hartzell HC; Duan DD; Zhao D(); Zhang ZR()
2015Identification of proteins associated with the production of melanin and with pathogenicity in maize pathogen Curvularia lunataGao JX; Jing J; Liu T; Yu CJ; Li YQ; Chen J
-Resveratrol represses Pokemon expression in glioma cellsYang YT; Cui JJ; Xue F; Overstreet AM; Zhan YP; Shan DP; Li H; Li H; Wang YJ; Zhang MM; Yu CJ; Xu ZQD
2016Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 5 (Traf5) acts as an essential negative regulator of hepatic steatosis.[共同通讯作者]Gao L(#); Wang PX(#); Zhang Y(#); Yu CJ; Ji Y; Wang X; Zhang P; Jiang X; Jin H; Huang Z; Zhang ZR(); Li H()
2016Type III Transforming Growth Factor-β Receptor Drives Cardiac Hypertrophy Through β-Arrestin2–Dependent Activation of Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II. [共同通讯作者]Lou J(#); Zhao D(); Zhang LL; Song SY; Li YC; Sun F; Ding XQ; Yu CJ; Li YY; Liu MT; Dong CJ; Ji Y; Li H; Chu W(); Zhang ZR()