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2015A novel size-based sorting mechanism of pinocytic luminal cargoes in microglia.Chen C; Li HQ; Liu YJ; Guo ZF; Wu HJ; Li X; Lou HF; Zhu L; Wang D; Li XM; Yu L; Cao X; Lu L; Gao Z; Duan S
2015A potential link between left stellate ganglion and renal sympathetic nerve: An important mechanism for cardiac arrhythmias?Huang B; Yu L; Jiang H.
2015Advances in upper airway cough syndromeYu L; Xu X; Lv H; Qiu Z
2016Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 activation in aged heart improves the autophagy by reducing the carbonyl modification on SIRT1Wu B; Yu L; Wang YS; Wang HT; Li C; Yin Y; Yang JR; Wang ZF; Zheng QS; Ma H
2014Antihyperglycemic, hypolipidemic and antioxidant activities of total saponins extracted from Aralia taibaiensis in experimental type 2 diabetic ratsWen Y; Yu L; Cui J; Zhu YR; Guo C; Wei G; Duan JL; Yin Y; Guan Y; Wang YH; Yang ZF; Xi MM; Wen AD
2014Antitumor efficacy of DMSA modified Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles combined with arsenic trioxide and adriamycin in Raji cells.Cai X; Wang C; Chen B; Hua W; Sheng F; Yu L; He Z; Shi Y; Chen Y; Xia G; Cheng J; Bao W; Zhang Y; Wang X
2014Blood coagulation parameters and platelet indices: changes in normal and preeclamptic pregnancies and predictive values for preeclampsiaHan L; Liu X; Li H; Zou J; Yang Z; Han J; Huang W; Yu L; Zheng Y; Li L
2015Cardiac autonomic tone modulators: Promising feasible options for heart failure with hyper-sympathetic activityChen M; Yu L; Sheng X; Liu Q; Jiang H; Zhou S
2015Cloud computing-based time series analysis for structural damage detectionYu L; Lin JC
2015Constitutive ERK1/2 activation contributes to production of double minute chromosomes in tumour cells.Sun W; Quan C; Huang Y; Ji W; Yu L; Li X; Zhang Y; Zheng Z; Zou H; Li Q; Xu P; Feng Y; Li L; Zhang Y; Cui Y; Jia X; Meng X; Zhang C; Jin Y; Bai J; Yu J; Yu Y; Yang J; Fu S
2012Developing gelatin–starch blends for use as capsule materialsZhang N; Liu H; Yu L; Liu X; Zhang L; Chen L; Shanks
2015Diagnosis and treatment of patients with non-acid gastroesophageal reflux-induced chronic cough.Xu Xianghuai; Yu L; Chen Q; Lv H; Qiu Z.
2015Diagnosis and treatment of patients with nonacid gastroesophageal reflux-induced chronic coughXu X; Yu L; Chen Q; Lv H; Qiu Z.
2015Esculentoside Asuppresses Aβ1-42-induced neuroinflammation by down-regulating MAPKs pathwaysin vivoHui Yang; Wang S; Yu L; Zhu XL; Xu Y
2015Excess integrins cause lung entrapment of mesenchymal stem cellsWang S; Guo L; Ge J; Yu L; Cai T; Jiang Y; Zhao RC; Wu Y
2015Gankyrin drives malignant transformation of chronic liver damage-mediated fibrosis via the Rac1/JNK pathwayZhao X; Fu J; Xu A; Yu L; Zhu J; Dai R; Su B; Luo T; Li N; Qin W; Wang B; Jiang J; Li S; Chen Y; Wang H
2013Gemcitabine eliminates double minute chromosomes from human ovarian cancer cellsYu L; Zhao Y; Quan C; Ji W; Zhu J; Huang Y; Guan R; Sun D; Jin Y; Meng X; Zhang C; Yu Y; Bai J; Sun W; Fu S
2015Genome-wide profiling of HPV integration in cervical cancer identifies clustered genomic hot spots and a potential microhomology-mediated integration mechanismHu Z; Zhu D; Wang W; Li W; Jia W; Zeng X; Ding W; Yu L; Wang X; Wang L; Shen H; Zhang C; Liu H; Liu X; Zhao Y; Fang X; Li S; Chen W; Tang T; Fu A; Wang Z; Chen G; Gao Q; Li S; Xi L……
2012Genome-wide survey and expression analysis of amino acid transporter gene family in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Zhao HM; Ma HL; Yu L; Zhao J
2014Genome-wide transcription analyses in Mycobacterium tuberculosis treated with lupuloneWei J; Liang J; Shi Q; Yuan P; Meng R; Tang X; Yu L; Guo N