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2015A 3D Hierarchical Magnetic Fe@Pt/Ti(OH)4 Nanoarchitecture for Sinter-Resistant CatalystChao Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Zewu Zhang; Yuanmei Xu; Qianli Wang
2015A Highly Reactive and Magnetic Recyclable Catalytic System Based on AuPt Nanoalloys Supported on Ellipsoidal Fe@SiO2Zewu Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Shijian Zhou; Sanming Xiang; Xiaoli Sheng; Ping Jiang
2015A highly reactive andenhances thermal stability nanocomposite catalyst based on Pt nanoparticles assembled in the inner surface of mesoporous SiO2 spherical shellChao Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Zewu Zhang; Yuanmei Xu; Qianli Wang
2014Acetate-intercalated Ni-In layered double hydroxides with low infrared emissivity: Synthesis, delamination and restacked to form the multilayer filmsYongjuan Wang; Yuming Zhou; Tao Zhang; Man He; Xiaohai Bu; Xiaoming Yang
2015Are slice-based cohesion metrics actually useful in effort-aware fault-proneness prediction? An empirical studyYibiao Yang; Yuming Zhou; Hongmin Lu; Lin Chen; Zhenyu Chen; Baowen Xu; Hareton Leung; Zhenyu Zhang
2013Bioinspired, direct synthesis of aqueous CdSe quantum dots for high-sensitive copper(II) ion detectionXiaohai Bu; Yuming Zhou; Man He; Zhenjie Chen; Tao Zhang
2013Biomimetic fabrication of hierarchically structured LDHs/ZnO composites for the separation of bovine serum albuminTao Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Man He; Yunxia Zhu; Xiaohai Bu; Yongjuan Wang
2015Catalytic structure and reaction performance ofPtSnK/ZSM-5 catalyst for propane dehydrogenation: Effect of impregnation strategyYiwei Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Shaobo Zhang; Shijian Zhou; Xiaoli Sheng; Qianli Wang; Chao Zhang
2015CeO2 hollow nanospheres synthesized by a one pottemplate-free hydrothermal method and their application as catalyst supportYuanmei Xu; Yiwei Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Sanming Xiang; Zewu Zhang; Xiaoli Sheng
2014Comparative study of bimetallic Pt-Sn catalysts supported on different supports for propane dehydrogenationYiwei Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Junjun Shi; Shijian Zhou; Xiaoli Sheng; Zewu Zhang; Sanming Xiang
2014Direct synthesis, characterization and catalytic application of SBA-15 mesoporous silica with heteropolyacid incorporated into their frameworkXiaoli Sheng; Jie Kong; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Zewu Zhang; Shijian Zhou
2012Effect of aluminum modification on catalytic properties of PtSn-based catalysts supported on SBA-15 for propane dehydrogenationYongzheng Duan; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Xiaoli Sheng; Shijian Zhou; Zewu Zhang
2012Effect of cerium addition on catalytic performance of PtSnNa/ZSM-5 catalyst for propane dehydrogenationMengwei Xue; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Xuan Liu; Yongzheng Duan; Xiaoli Sheng
2012Effect of La calcination temperature on catalytic performance of PtSnNaLa/ZSM-5 catalyst for propane dehydrogenationYiwei Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Menghan Tang; Xuan Liu; Yongzheng Duan
2015Effects of the crystallization time on the synthesis of zeolite with flower-shaped crystalsShijian Zhou; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Xiaoli Sheng; Changyup Seo; Zewu Zhang
2014Encapsulation of Au nanoparticles with well-crystallized anatase TiO2 mesoporous hollow spheres for increased thermal stabilityZewu Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Sanming Xiang; Shijian Zhou; Xiaoli Sheng
2015Enhanced catalytic activity with high thermalstability based on multiple Au cores in the interior of mesoporous Si-Al shellsYiwei Zhang; Sanming Xiang; Yuming Zhou; Yuanmei Xu; Zewu Zhang; Xiaoli Sheng; Qianli Wang; Chao Zhang
2013Enhanced fluoride removal from water by non-thermal plasma modified CeO"2/Mg-Fe layered double hydroxidesTao Zhang; Qiurong Li; Haiyan Xiao; Zhenyu Mei; Hongxiao Lu; Yuming Zhou
2015Hierarchicalstructure based on gold nanoparpticles embedded into hollow ceria sphere andmesoporous silica layer with high catalytic activity and stabilityYiwei Zhang; Yuanmei Xu; Yuming Zhou; Sanming Xiang; Xiaoli Sheng; Qianli Wang; Chao Zhang
2012Highly Active and Green Aminopropyl-Immobilized Phosphotungstic Acid on Mesoporous LaSBA-15 for Alkylation of O-xylene with StyreneXiaoli Sheng; Yuming Zhou; Yiwei Zhang; Yongzheng Duan; Mengwei Xue