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2013A high average power single-stage picosecond double-clad fiber amplifierSun, W.; Yu, H. J.; Zhang, L.; Yan, S. L.; Dong, Z. Y.; Han, Z. H.; Hou, W.; Li, J. M.; Lin, X. C.
2013A high power picosecond Nd:YVO4 master oscillator power amplifier system pumped by 880 nm diodesYan, S.; Yan, X.; Yu, H.; Zhang, L.; Guo, L.; Sun, W.; Hou, W.; Lin, X.
2015A novel HLA-DRB1 allele, DRB1*16:36 identified in a Chinese individual from the Xinjiang regionWu, J-D.; Zhang, W-J.; Zhang, L.; Zuo, W-Z.; Lu, L-J.; Ding, Y-L.; Yang, D-L.
2014A study of combustion characteristics of pulverized coal in O2/H2O atmosphereZou, C.; Zhang, L.; Cao, S.; Zheng, C.
2013Allelic Variation in the Intron 6 of Yak and Cattle CAPNS1 GeneZhang, L.; Luo, Y.; Hu, J.; Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Pan, H.
2009Anti-biofilm Effect of Dental Adhesive with Cationic MonomerLi, F.; Chai, Z.G.; Sun, M.N.; Wang, F.; Ma, S.; Zhang, L.; Fang, M.; Chen, J.H
2014Application of two-dimensional echocardiography combined with enhanced flow in diagnosing fetal heart malformationLiu, L.; He, Y.; Li, Z.; Zhang, L.
2013Applications of Microcalorimetry in Environmental SciencesNing, X. Q.; Qiao, W. W.; Zhang, L.; Gao, X.
2015Associations of apolipoprotein E and low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 polymorphisms with dyslipidemia and generalized aggressive periodontitis in a Chinese populationGao, H.; Tian, Y.; <strong>Meng, H.</strong>; Hou, J.; Xu, L.; Zhang, L.; Shi, D.; Lu, R.; Feng, X.; Wang, X.; Chen, Z
2011Asynchronous Filtering of Discrete-Time Switched Linear Systems With Average Dwell TimeZhang, L.; Cui, N.; Liu, M.; Zhao, Y
2015Autoregulatory loop between TGF-beta 1/miR-411-5p/SPRY4 and MAPK pathway in rhabdomyosarcoma modulates proliferation and differentiation<strong>Sun, M.</strong>; Huang, F.; Yu, D.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, H.; Zhang, L.; Li, L.; Dong, L.; Guo, L.; Wang, S.
2011Blocking epidermal growth factor receptor attenuates reactive astrogliosis through inhibiting cell cycle progression and protects against ischemic brain injury in ratsYang, Q.; Wang, E.-Y.; Huang, X.-J.; Qu, W.-S.; Zhang, L.; Xu, J.-Z.; Wang, W.; Tian, D.-S.
2013Bright betatron X-ray radiation from a laser-driven-clustering gas targetChen, L. M.; Yan, W. C.; Li, D. Z.; Hu, Z. D.; Zhang, L.; Wang, W. M.; Hafz, N.; Mao, J. Y.; Huang, K.; Ma, Y.; Zhao, J. R.; Ma, J. L.; Li, Y. T.; Lu, X.; Sheng, Z. M.; Wei, Z. Y.……
2014Cav-1 deletion impaired hematopoietic stem cell functionBai, L.; Shi, G.; Zhang, L.; Guan, F.; Ma, Y.; Li, Q.; Cong, Y-S; Zhang, L.
2012CCL21 modulates the migration of NSCL cancer by changing the concentration of intracellular Ca2+.Liu, J.; Zhang, L.; Wang, C
2009Charge-based model enhancement for undoped surrounding-gate MOSFETsZhang, L.; He, J
2014Chert-hosted small shelly fossils: expanded tool of biostratigraphy in the Early CambrianYang, B.; Zhang, L.; Danelian, T.; Feng, Q.; Steiner, M.
2016Composition-dependence of core-shell microstructure formation in monotectic alloys under reduced gravity conditions<strong>Wang, N.</strong>; Zhang, L.; Peng, Y. L.; Yao, W. J.
2012Current ramp-up with lower hybrid current drive in EASTDing, B. J.; Li, M. H.; Fisch, N. J.; Qin, H.; Li, J. G.; Wilson, J. R.; Kong, E. H.; Zhang, L.; Wei, W.; Li, Y. C.; Wang, M.; Xu, H. D.; Gong, X. Z.; Shen, B.; Liu, F. K.; Shan, J. F
2009Detection of Cancer Stem Cells from the C6 Glioma Cell LineZhou, X-D.; Wang, X-Y.; Qu, F-J.; Zhong, Y-H.; Lu, X-D.; Zhao, P.; Wang, D-H.; Huang, Q-B.; Zhang, L.; Li, X-G