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2012An anaerobic reactor packed with a pair of Fe-graphite plate electrodes for bioaugmentation of azo dye wastewater treatmentZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Li, Yang; Chen, Shuo; Zhao, Huimin; Wang, Dong
2015Anaerobic biodecolorization of AO7 by a newly isolated Fe(III)-reducing bacterium Sphingomonas strain DJDing, Jian; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Chen, Shuo
2015Bio-electrochemical enhancement of anaerobic reduction of nitrobenzene and its effects on microbial communityZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie
2013Biological sulfate reduction in the acidogenic phase of anaerobic digestion under dissimilatory Fe (III) - Reducing conditionsZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Chang, Jinghui; Quan, Xie; Li, Qi
2015Effects of an electric field and iron electrode on anaerobic denitrification at low C/N ratiosZhu, Tingting; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Li, Hongyang
2013Effects of ferric iron on the anaerobic treatment and microbial biodiversity in a coupled microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) - Anaerobic reactorZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Chen, Shuo
2012Electricity assisted anaerobic treatment of salinity wastewater and its effects on microbial communitiesZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie
2013Enhanced anaerobic digestion of organic contaminants containing diverse microbial population by combined microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) and anaerobic reactor under Fe(III) reducing conditionsZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Chen, Shuo; Afzal, Shahzad
2014Enhanced anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge digestion by the addition of zero valent ironFeng, Yinghong; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Chen, Suo
2012Enhanced azo dye wastewater treatment in a two-stage anaerobic system with Fe-0 dosingLiu, Yiwen; Zhang, Yaobin; Zhao, Zhiqiang; Li, Yang; Quan, Xie; Chen, Shuo
2015Enhanced production of methane from waste activated sludge by the combination of high-solid anaerobic digestion and microbial electrolysis cell with iron-graphite electrodeFeng, Yinghong; Zhang, Yaobin; Chen, Shuo; Quan, Xie
2015Enhancement of anaerobic acidogenesis by integrating an electrochemical system into an acidogenic reactor: Effect of hydraulic retention times (HRT) and role of bacteria and acidophilic methanogenic ArchaeaZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Chen, Shuo
2012Enhancement of nitrogen removal in a novel anammox reactor packed with Fe electrodeZhang, Jingxin; Zhang, Yaobin; Li, Yang; Zhang, Lei; Qiao, Sen; Yang, Fenglin; Quan, Xie
2015Enhancement of sludge decomposition and hydrogen production from waste activated sludge in a microbial electrolysis cell with cheap electrodesFeng, Yinghong; Liu, Yiwen; Zhang, Yaobin
2015Enhancement of sludge granulation in anaerobic acetogenesis by addition of nitrate and microbial community analysisLi, Yang; Zhang, Yaobin; Xu, Zibin; Quan, Xie; Chen, Shuo
2016Enhancement of sludge granulation in hydrolytic acidogenesis by denitrificationLi, Yang; Zhang, Yaobin; Zhao, Zisheng; Sun, Songlan; Quan, Xie; Zhao, Huimin
2015Enhancing syntrophic metabolism in up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors with conductive carbon materialsZhao, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Yaobin; Woodard, T.L.; Nevin, K.P.; Lovley, D.R.
2015Evaluating Enhanced Sulfate Reduction and Optimized Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) Composition in Anaerobic Reactor by Fe (III) AdditionLiu, Yiwen; Zhang, Yaobin; Ni, Bing-Jie
2015Fe0 enhanced acetification of propionate and granulation of sludge in acidogenic reactorLi, Yang; Zhang, Yaobin; Meng, Xusheng; Yu, Zhonghan; Quan, Xie
2012Optimization of anaerobic acidogenesis by adding Fe-0 powder to enhance anaerobic wastewater treatmentLiu, Yiwen; Zhang, Yaobin; Quan, Xie; Li, Yang; Zhao, Zhiqiang; Meng, Xusheng; Chen, Shuo