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2015A clinical survey of pain in Parkinson's disease in Eastern ChinaLin XJ; Yu N; Lin XG; Zhang YF; Chen Y; Zhang K; Wang XS; Liu WG
2015A Novel Mechanism for Small Heat Shock Proteins to Function as Molecular ChaperonesZhang K; Ezemaduka AN; Wang Z; Hu H; Shi X; Liu C; Lu X; Fu X; Chang Z; Yin CC
2015Analysis of main constituents and mechanisms underlying antidepressant-like effects of Xiaochaihutang in miceZhang K; Wang F; Yang JY; Wang LJ; Pang HH; Su GY; Ma J; Song SJ; Xiong ZL; Wu CF
2014Antimicrobial activity of the imipenem/rifampicin combination against clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii grown in planktonic and biofilm culturesWang Y; Bao W; Guo N; Chen H; Cheng W; Jin K; Shen F; Xu J; Zhang Q; Wang C; An Y; Zhang K; Wang F; Yu L(并列通讯作者)
2014Association between angiotensin I-converting enzyme gene polymorphism and susceptibility to cancer: a meta analysisZhang K; Cheng D; Yi L; Shi H; Zhen Guohua
2012Association Between Vitamin D Insufficiency and The Risk for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnant Chinese WomenWang O; Nie M; Hu YY; Zhang K; Li W; Ping F; Liu JT; Chen LM; Xing XP
2012Comparison of baseline method and DSC measurement for determining phase fractionsXu JF; Liu F; Zhang D; Zhang K
-Competitions correlated with nucleation and growth in non-equilibrium solidification and solid-state transformationLiu F; Wang HF; Song SJ; Zhang K; Yang GC; Zhou YH
2016Coupling model for calculating prestress loss caused by relaxation loss, shrinkage and creep of concreteCao G H(#)(); Hu J X; Zhang K
2016D-alanine Metabolism is Essential for Growthand Biofilm Formation of Streptococcus mutansQiu W(#); Zheng X(#); Wei Y; Zhou X; Zhang K; Wang S; Cheng L; Li Y; Ren B; Xu X; Li Y; <b>Li M</b>()
2014Effect of acute, slightly increased intra-abdominal pressure on intestinal permeability and oxidative stress in a rat modelLeng Y#; Zhang K; Fan J; Yi M; Ge Q; Chen L; Zhang L; Yao G
2015Effect of estrogen on the expression of GnRH and kisspeptin in the hypothalamus of rats during pubertyCui P; Yang C; Zhang K; Gao X; Luo L; Tian Y; Son
2012Evaluation of glass-forming ability criterion from phase-transformation kineticsGu B; Liu F; Jiang YH; Zhang K
2015Exploring Transcription Factors-microRNAs Co-regulating Networks in SchizophreniaXu Y; Yue W; Yao Shugart Y; Li S; Cai L; Li Q; Cheng Z; Wang G; Zhou Z; Jin C; Yuan J; Tian L; Wang J; Zhang K; Liu S; Song Y; Zhang F
2012Genome-wide expression profiling of the response to Linezolid in Mycobacterium tuberculosisLiang J; Tang X; Guo N; Zhang K; Guo A; Wu X; Wang X; Guan Z; Liu L; Shen F; Xing M; Liu L; Li L; Yu L(通讯作者)
2013Honeybee combs: how the circular cells transform into rounded hexagonsKarihaloo B; Zhang K; Wang J
2014Identification andfunctional analysis of long non-coding RNAs in mouse cleavage stage embryonicdevelopment based on single cell transcriptome dataZhang K; Huang K; Luo Y; Li S
2013In vivo tracking of neuronal-like cells by magnetic resonance in rabbit models of spinal cord injuryZhang RP<b>Zhang RP</b>(#)(); Zhang K; Li JD; Liu Q; Xie J()
2015Increased coupling of caveolin-1 and estrogen receptor α contributes to the fragile X syndrome.Yang Q; Yan L; Zhang K; Guo YY; Liu SB; Wu YM; Li XQ; Song Q; Zhuo M; Zhao MG
2014Inflammatory response and neuronal necrosis in rats with cerebral ischemiaWu L; Zhang K; Hu G; Yan H; Xie C; Wu X