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2014 A large-scale screen for coding variants predisposing to psoriasisTang HY; Jin X; Li Y; Jiang H; Tang XF; Yang X; Cheng H; Yang S; Wang J; Zhang XJ
-APF lncRNA regulates autophagy and myocardial infarction by targeting miR-188-3pWang K(#); Liu CY; Zhou LY; Wang JX; Wang M; Zhao B; Zhao WK; Xu SJ; Fan LH; Zhang XJ; Feng C; Wang CQ; Zhao YF; Li PF()
2015Association analyses confirm five susceptibilityloci for systemic lupus erythematosus in the Han Chinese population.Sheng YJ; Xu JH; Wu YG; Zuo XB; Gao JP; Lin Y; Zhu ZW; Wen LL; Yang C; Liu L; Cheng YY; Chang Y; Yang LL; Zhou FS; Tang XF; Zheng XD; Yin XY; Tang HY; Sun LD; Cui Y; Yang S; Zhang XJ
2011Behavioral assessments of the aversive quality of pain in animalsZhang XJ; Zhang TW; Hu SJ; Xu H
-E2F1-regulated miR-30b suppresses Cyclophilin D and protects heart from ischemia/reperfusion injury and necrotic cell death.Wang K(#); An T(#); Zhou LY(#); Liu CY(#); Zhang XJ; Feng C; Li PF()
2014Expression characterization of testicular DMRT1 in both Sertoli cells and spermatogenic cells of polyploid gibel carpLi XY; Li Z; Zhang XJ; Zhou L; Gui JF
2013FBX8 Acts as an Invasion and Metastasis Suppressor and Correlates with Poor Survival in Hepatocellular CarcinomaWang FF; Qiao YD; Yu J; Ren XL; Wang JM; Ding Y; Zhang XJ; Ma WH; Ding YQ; Liang Li
2011A genome-wide association study in Han Chinese identifies multiple susceptibility loci for IgA nephropathyYu XQ; Li M; Zhang H; Low HQ; Wei X; Wang JQ; Sun LD; Sim KS; Li Y; Foo JN; Wang W; Li ZJ; Yin XY; Tang XQ; Fan L; Chen J; Li RS; Wan JX; Liu ZS; Lou TQ; Zhu L; Huang XJ; Zhang XJ
2012High male incidence and evolutionary implications of triploid form in northeast Asia Carassius auratus complexJiang FF; Wang ZW; Zhou L; Jiang L,; Zhang XJ; Apalikova OV; Brykov VA; Gui JF
2014Hypoglycemic effect of catalpol on high-fat diet/ streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice by increasing skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis.Li X; Xu ZM; Jiang ZZ; Sun LX; Ji JZ; Miao JS; Zhang XJ; Li XJ; Huang S; Wang T; Zhang LY.
2016Icariin attenuates microglial activation and learning and memory deficits via suppressing neuroinflammation in LPS-induced miceZhao X(#); Zhang XJ; <b>Chen WF</b>()
2015Increased expression of IL-28RA mRNA inperipheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with systemic lupuserythematosusCheng YY; Sheng YJ; Chang Y; Lin Y; Zhu ZW; Wen LL; Yang C; Liu L; Yang LL; Zhou FS; Zheng XD; Yin XY; Zhang SQ; Cui Y; Yang S; Zhang XJ
2016Involvement of IGF-1 receptor signaling pathway in the neuroprotectiveeffects of Icaritin against MPP+-induced toxicity in MES23.5 cellsJiang MC(#); Chen XH; Zhao X; Zhang XJ; Chen WF()
2012Low expression of DAB2IP contributes to malignant development and poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinomaZhang XJ; Li N; Li XZ; Zhao W; Qiao YD; Liang Li; Ding YQ
2012MR Imaging Findings of the Intraspinal Meningeal Melanocytoma: Correlation with Histopathologic FindingsHou GQ; Sun JC; Zhang XJ; Shen BX; Zhu XJ; Liang L; Zhang XL
2014MTOR-independent, autophagic enhancer trehalose prolongs motor neuron survival and ameliorates the autophagic flux defect in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosisZhang XJ; Chen S; Song L, Tang Y, Shen YF; Le WD
2015Nuclear cardiac myosin light chain 2 modulatesNADPH oxidase 2 expression in myocardium: a novel function beyond musclecontractionZhang YS; Liu B; Luo XJ; Li TT; Zhang JJ; Peng JJ; Zhang XJ; Ma QL; Hu CP; Li YJ; Peng J; Li Q
2012Over-expression of RhoGDI2 correlates with tumor progression and poor prognosis in colorectal carcinomaLi XZ; Wang JM; Zhang XJ; Zeng YF; Liang Li; Ding YQ
2015Protective actions of patchouli alcohol isolated from Pogostemon cablinon lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in miceSu ZQ; Liao JB; Liu YH; Zhao XN; Liang YZ; Chen HM; Chen XY; Lai XP; Feng XX; Wu DW; Zheng YF; Zhang XJ; Li YC
2012Stomatin-like protein-2 is over-expressed during progression of clinically N0 tongue squamous cell cancerChen SW; Wang LP; Li H; Lai JL; Zhuang SM; Zhang XJ; Fan SF; Song M