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201517β-estradiol attenuates homocysteine-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory response as well as MAPKs cascade via activating PI3-K/Akt signal transduction pathway in Raw 264.7 cells.Zhang Y; He Y; Zong Y; Guo J; Sun L; Ma Y; Dong W; Gui L
20151Functional disconnection of the right anterior insula in obstructive sleep apneaZhang Q; Qin W; He X; Li Q; Chen B; Zhang Y; Yu C.
201520(S)-ginsenoside Rg3 promotes senescence and apoptosis in gallbladder cancer cells via the p53 pathway.Zhang F; Li M; Wu X; Hu Y; Cao Y; Wang X; Xiang S; Li H; Jiang L; Tan Z; Lu W; Weng H; Shu Y; Gong W; Wang X; Zhang Y; Shi W; Dong P; Gu J; Liu Y
2015[99mTc]cFLFLF for Early Diagnosis and Therapeutic Evaluation in a Rat Model of Acute OsteomyelitisChen J; Cheng H; Dong QJ; Chen F; Huang ZH; Zhang Y; Pan DF; Xiong W
2016A comparison of telbivudine and entecavir in the treatment of hepatitis B e antigen-positive patients: a prospective cohort study in China.Zhang Y; Hu P; Qi X; Ren H; Mao RC; Zhang JM
2014A Distinctive Origin and Spread Route of Pyrimethamine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum in Southern ChinaZhang Y; Yan H; Wei G; Han S; Huang Y; Zhang Q; Pan W
2014A Feedback Loop between RUNX2 and the E3 Ligase SMURF1 in Regulation of Differentiation of Human Dental Pulp Stem CellsYang F; Xu N; Li D; Guan L; He Y; Zhang Y; Lu Q; Zhang X
2014A fusion DNA vaccine encoding middle version of HBV envelope protein fused to interleukin-21 did not enhance HBV-specific immune response in miceZhang Y; Su WJ; Wang J; Bai XF; Huang CX; Lian JQ
2014A gain-of-function mutation in Tnni2 impeded bone development through increasing Hif3a expression in DA2B miceZhu X; Wang F; Zhao Y; Yang P; Chen J; Sun H; Liu L; Li W; Pan L; Guo Y; Kou Z; Zhang Y; Zhou C; He J; Zhang X; Li J; Han W; Li J; Liu G; Gao S; Yang Z
2015A lower pH value benefits regeneration of Trichosanthes kirilowii by somatic embryogenesis, involving rhizoid tubers (RTBs), a novel structureXu K; Chang Y; Zhang J; Wang P; Wu J; Li Y; Wang X; Wang W; Liu K; Zhang Y; Yu D; Liao L; Li Y; Ma S; Tan G; Li C.
2015A medical costs study of older patients withacute myocardial infarction and metabolic syndrome in hospital.Fan GQ; Fu KL; Jin CW; Wang XZ; Han L; Wang H; Zhong M; Zhang Y; Zhang W; Wang ZH
2015A novel biomarker ARMc8 promotes the malignant progression of ovarian cancer.Jiang G; Yang D; Wang L; Zhang X; Xu H; Miao Y; Wang E; Zhang Y
2015A novel biomarker C6orf106 promotes the malignant progression of breast cancer.Jiang G; Zhang X; Zhang Y; Wang L; Fan C; Xu H; Miao Y; Wang E
2015A novel dysregulated pathway identification analysis based on global influence of within-pathway effects and crosstalk between pathwaysHan J; Li C(李春权)#; Yang H#; Xu Y; Zhang C; Ma J; Shi X; Liu W; Shang D; Yao Q; Zhang Y; Su F; Feng L; Li X
2015A prognostic analysis of 895 cases of stageIII colon cancer in different colon subsitesZhang Y; Ma J; Zhang S; Deng G; Wu X; He J; Pei H; Shen H; Zeng S
2015A prognostic analysisof 895 cases of stage III colon cancer in different colon subsitesZhang Y; Ma J; Zhang S; Deng G; Wu X; He J; Pei H; 申竑; Zeng S
2013A tailed primers protocol to identify the association of eNOS gene variable number of tandem repeats polymorphism with ischemic stroke in Chinese Han population by capillary electrophoresisTong Y#; Yin X#; Wang Z#; Zhan F; Zhang Y; Ye J; Hou S; Geng Y; Li Y; Guan X; Jiang Y; Zhang L; Dai J; Mason KA; Liu J; Lu Z; Cheng J
2015ABCB1, ABCC2, SCN1A, SCN2A, GABRA1 gene polymorphisms and drug resistant epilepsy in the Chinese Han populationZhou L; Cao Y; Long H; Long L; Xu L; Liu Z; Zhang Y; Xiao B
2013Aberrant dynamin 2-dependent Na(+)/H(+) exchanger-1 trafficking contributes to cardiomyocyte apoptosis.Li J; Xu L; Ye J; Li X; Zhang D; Liang D; Xu X; Qi M; Li C; Zhang H; Wang J; Liu Y; Zhang Y; Zhou Z; Liang X; Li J; Peng L; Zhu W; Chen YH
2015ACE2 and Ang-(1-7) protect endothelial cell function and prevent early atherosclerosis by inhibiting inflammatory responseZhang YH; Zhang YH; Dong XF; Hao QQ; Zhou XM; Yu QT; Li SY; Chen X; Tengbeh AF; Dong B; Zhang Y