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2016A comparison of telbivudine and entecavir in the treatment of hepatitis B e antigen-positive patients: a prospective cohort study in China.Zhang Y(#); Hu P(#); Qi X; Ren H; Mao RC(); Zhang JM()
2017Ablation of PPP1R3G reduces glycogen deposition and mitigates high-fat diet induced obesityZhang Y(#); Gu J; Wang L; Zhao Z; Pan Y; Chen Y()
2014Analytical Modeling on Stress Assisted Oxidation and its Effect on Creep Response of MetalsZhang Y(#); Zhang XC(); Tu ST; Xuan FZ
2013Anti-angiogenic effect of triptolide in rheumatoid arthritis by targeting angiogenic cascade.Kong X(#); Zhang Y(#); Liu C(#); Guo W; Li X; Su X; Wan H; Sun Y; Lin N()
2015Associationof functional genetic variants in ppargamma and pparalpha encoding peroxisomeproliferator-activated receptors with ischemic stroke in a unique chinesepopulationTong Y(#); Lu Q(#); Zhang Y(#); Zhan F(#); Cai L(#); Guan X; Ying X; Lu Z; Liu J(); Cheng J()
2015Characterization of miRNAome in Lung of Cloned Cattle Suffering from Respiratory Distress Syndrome<b>Liu Y</b>(#); Zhang Y(#); Hao H; Du W; Zhu H; Zhang Y
2016GDF11 improves tubular regeneration after acute kidney injury in elderly miceZhang Y(#); Li Q; Liu D; Huang Q; Cai G; Cui S; Sun X(); Chen X()
2017Menin mediates Tat-induced neuronal apoptosis in brain frontal cortex of SIV-infected macaques and in Tat-treated cellsJ Wang(#); Zhang Y(#); Xu Q(#); Qiu J; Zheng H; Ye X(#); Xue Y; Yin Y; Zhang Z; Liu Y; Hao Y; Wei Q; Wang W; Mori K; Izumo S; Kubota R; Shao Y; HQ Xing()
2014Targeting of circulating hepatocellular carcinoma cells to prevent postoperative recurrence and metastasisZhang Y(#); Shi ZL(#); Yang X; Yin ZF()
2016The Biogenesis of Nascent Circular RNAsZhang Y(#); Xue W(#); Li X; Zhang J; Chen SY; Zhang JL; Yang L(); Chen LL()
2014The PHD1 finger of KDM5B recognizes unmodified H3K4 during the demethylation of histone H3K4me2/3 by KDM5B.Zhang Y(#); Yang H; Guo X; Rong N; Song Y; Xu Y; Lan W; Zhang X; Liu M; Xu Y(); Cao C.()
2016Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 5 (Traf5) acts as an essential negative regulator of hepatic steatosis.[共同通讯作者]Gao L(#); Wang PX(#); Zhang Y(#); Yu CJ; Ji Y; Wang X; Zhang P; Jiang X; Jin H; Huang Z; Zhang ZR(); Li H()
2014Two Novel Susceptibility SNPs for Ischemic Stroke Using Exome Sequencing in Chinese Han PopulationZhang Y(#); Tong Y(#); Ding H(#); Zhang H(#); Geng Y; Zhang R; Ke Y; Han J; Yan Z; Zhou L; Wu T; Hu FB; Wang D(); Cheng J()