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2012Acute toxic effects and gender-related biokinetics of silver nanoparticles following an intravenous injection in miceXue YY; Zhang SS; Huang YM; Zhang T; Liu XR; Hu YY; Zhang ZY; Tang M.
2015Bonding of universal adhesives to dentin-old wine in new bottles?Chen C; Niu LN; Xie H; Zhang ZY; Zhou LQ; Jiao K; Chen JH; Pashley DH; Tay FR
2015Bonding of universal adhesives to dentine - Old wine in new bottles?Chen C; Niu LN; Xie H; Zhang ZY; Zhou LQ; Jiao
2015Bone Marrow-Derived, Neural-Like Cells Havethe Characteristics of Neurons to Protect the PeripheralNerve in MicroenvironmentGuo SL; Zhang ZY; Xu Y; Zhi YX; Han CJ2; Zhou YH; Liu F; Lin HY; Zhang CS
2014Characterization of two highly similar CBF/DREB1-like genes, PhCBF4a and PhCBF4b, in Populus hopeiensisWang ZL; Liu J; Guo HY; He X; Wu WB; Du JC; Zhang ZY; An XM
2015Community composition, diversity and metabolic footprints of soil nematodes in differently-aged temperate forestsZhang XK; Guan PT; Wang YL; Li Q; Zhang SX; Zhang ZY; Bezemer TM; Liang WJ
2015Distilled Water Lavage During Surgery Improves Long-Term Outcomes of Patients with Ruptured Hepatocellular CarcinomaZhou SJ; Zhang EL; Liang BY; Zhang ZY; Chen XP; Huang ZY
2012Full-length Enriched cDNA Library Construction from Multi-Stage Covering Floral Bud Development in Populus tomentosa.An XM; Wang DM; Wang ZL; Ye MX; Zhang ZY
2016Impact of length of red blood cells transfusion on postoperative delirium in elderly patients undergoing hip fracture surgery: A cohort study.Zhang ZY; Gao DP; Yang JJ; Sun XR; Zhang H; Hu J; Fang ZY; Yang JJ; Ji MH
2015In Vivo Molecular MRI Imaging of Prostate Cancer by Targeting PSMA with Polypeptide-Labeled Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles.Zhu YK; Sun Y; Chen YQ; Liu WY; Jiang J; Guan WB; Zhang ZY; Duan YR
2016Morphologic severity of cirrhosis determines the extent of liver resection in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and Child-Pugh grade A cirrhosisZhou SJ; Zhang EL; Liang BY; Zhang ZY; Dong KS; Hou P; Chen XP; Xiong M; Huang ZY
2015Neuritin reverses deficits in murine novel object associative recognition memory caused by exposure to extremely low-frequency (50 Hz) electromagnetic fieldsZhao QR; Lu JM; Yao JJ; Zhang ZY; Ling C; Mei YA
2016Severity of cirrhosisshould determine the operative modality for patients with early hepatocellularcarcinoma and compensated liver functionHuang ZY; Liang BY; Xiong M; Dong KS; Zhang ZY; Zhang EL; Li CH; Chen XP
2015Skermanella rubra sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from the desert of Xinjiang, China.Zhang ZY; Gao XH; Zhang YJ; Jia M; Lu XJ; Ma YC; Tian F; Xie
2015Tillage and rotation effects on community composition and metabolic footprints of soil nematodes in a black soilZhang ZY; Zhang Xk; Zhao JX; Zhang XP; Liang WJ