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2017Ablation of PPP1R3G reduces glycogen deposition and mitigates high-fat diet induced obesityZhang Y(#); Gu J; Wang L; Zhao Z; Pan Y; Chen Y()
2015Alternative management of the left subclavian artery in thoracic endovascular aortic repair for aortic dissection: a single-center experience.Zhang L; Lu Q; Zhou J; Jing Z; Zhao Z; Bao J
2016Analysis of the gene expression profile of Staphylococcus aureus treated with nisinZhao X; Meng R; Shi C; Liu Z; Huang Y; Zhao Z; Guo N; Yu L(并列通讯作者)
2015Angiopoietin-1 levels predict a good functional outcome within 72 h of an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: A prospective study from a single centerZhang JN; Tian Y; Wang D; Wei H; Zhao Z; Jiang R; Yue S; Zhang J
2015Aspirin promotes bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-based calvarial bone regeneration in mini swineCao Y; Xiong J; Mei S; Wang F; Zhao Z; Wang S; Liu Y
2015Behavioral detection of intra-cortical microstimulation in the primary and secondary auditorycortex of catsZhao Z; Liu Y; Ma L; Sato Y; Qin L
2016Clinical features, Outcomes and Molecular Profiles of Drug Resistance in Tuberculous Meningitis in non-HIV PatientsZhang J; Hu X; Hu X; Ye Y; Shang M; An Y; Gou H; Zhao Z; Peng W; Song X; Zhou Y; Kang M; Xie Y; Chen X; Lu X; Ying B; Wang L
2015Combined Loss of Tet1 and Tet2 Promotes B Cell, but Not Myeloid Malignancies, in MiceZhao Z; Chen L; Dawlaty MM; Pan F; Weeks O; Zhou Y; Cao Z; Shi H; Wang J; Lin L; Chen S; Yuan W; Qin Z; Ni H; Nimer SD; Yang FC; Jaenisch R; Jin P; Xu M
2014Composite predictive flight control for airbreathing hypersonic vehiclesYang J; Zhao Z; Li S; Zheng WX
2013Dynamically expressed microRNA-15b modulates the activities of CD8(+) T lymphocytes in mice with Lewis lung carcinomaZhong G; Cheng X; Long H; He L; Qi W; Xiang T; Zhao Z; Zhu B
2015Effectiveness of Viabahn in the Treatment of Superficial Femoral Artery Occlusive Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Zhang L; Bao J; Zhao Z; Lu Q; Zhou J; Jing Z
2015Effects of repeated swine manure applications on legacy phosphorus and phosphomonoesterase activities in a paddy soilLi L; Liang QX; Ye YS; Zhao Z; Zhang YX; Jin Y; Yuan JL; Chen YX
2015Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids act through TRPV4-TRPC1-KCa1.1 complex to induce smooth muscle membrane hyperpolarization and relaxation in human internal mammary arteries.Ma Y; Zhang P; Li J; Lu J; Ge J; Zhao Z; Ma X; Wan S; Yao X; Shen B
2014HIF-1α plays a role in the chemotactic migration of hepatocarcinoma cells through the modulation of CXCL6 expression.Tian H(#); Xia J(); Huang P; Zhao Z; Tang W
2015Identifying mantle carbonatite metasomatism through Os–Sr–Mg isotopes in Tibetan ultrapotassic rocksLiu D; Zhao Z; Zhu D-C; Niu Y; Widom E; Teng
2014Key regulators in prostate cancer identified by co-expression module analysis.Jiang J; Jia P; Zhao Z; Shen B.
2015Mutuallyexclusive mutations in NOTCH1 and PIK3CA associated with clinical prognosis andchemotherapy responses of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in ChinaSong B; Cui H; Li Y; Cheng C; Yang B; Wang F; Kong P; Li H; Zhang L; Jia Z; Bi Y; Wang J; Zhou Y; Liu J; Wang J; Zhao Z; Zhang Y; Hu X; Shi R; Yang J; Liu H; Yan T; Li Y; Xu E; Qian Y; Xi Y; Guo S……
2014Nrf2通过与转录因子c-Jun和SP1的相互作用来调控TGFβ1的表达,从而减缓糖尿病肾病的进展Gao P(#); Li L; Ji L; Wei Y; Li H; Shang G; Zhao Z; Chen Q; Jiang T; Zhang N()
2014Potential risk factors of re-intervention after endovascular repair for type B aortic dissections.Zhang L; Zhou J; Lu Q; Zhao Z; Bao J; Jing Z
2015Predicting Hyperhomocysteinemia by Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Polymorphism in Chinese Patients With Hypertension.Wang Y; Xu X; Huo Y; Liu D; Cui Y; Liu Z; Zhao Z; Xu X; Liu L; Li X; Jiang S