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2014C-kit induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and contributes to salivary adenoid cystic cancer progressionTang Y(#); Fan Y(#); Jiang J(#); Li K; Zheng M; Chen W; Ma X; Geng N; Chen Q; Chen Y(); Liang X()
2015Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of isoquinoline-basedderivatives as novel histone deacetylase inhibitorsYang W; Li L; Wang Y; Wu X; Li T; Yang N; Su M; Sheng L; Zheng M; Zang Y; Li J; Liu H
2014Distinct element simulation of lugged wheel performance under extraterrestrial environmental effectsJiang M J; Liu F; Shen Z F; Zheng M
2015Elementary Flux Mode Analysis RevealedCyclization Pathway as a Powerful Way forNADPH Regeneration of Central CarbonMetabolismRui B; Yi Y; Shen T; Zheng M; Zhou W; Du H
2015Multiscale Spatial Position Coding under Locality Constraint for Action RecognitionJiang-feng Y; Zheng M; Mei X
2015Potentially functional polymorphisms in PAK1 are associated with risk of lung cancer ina Chinese populationZheng M;  Liu J;  Zhu M;  Yin R;  Dai J; ...Dong J...Shen H
2014Redox and pH-responsive poly (amidoamine) dendrimer–poly (ethylene glycol) conjugates with disulfide linkages for efficient intracellular drug releaseHu W; Cheng L; Cheng L; Zheng M; Lei Q; Hu Z; Xu M; Liu L; Chen D
2016Seed Priming in Dry Direct-seeded Rice: Consequences for Emergence, Seedling Growth and Associated Metabolic Events under Drought StressZheng M; Tao Y; Hussain S; Jiang Q; Peng S; Huang J; Cui K; Nie L
2015The metastasis suppressor, NDRG1, inhibits "stemness" of colorectal cancer via down-regulation of nuclear β-catenin and CD44Wangpu X; Yang X; Zhao J; Lu J; Guan S; Lu J; Kovacevic Z; Liu W; Mi L; Jin R; Sun J; Yue F; Ma J; Lu A; Richardson DR; Wang L; Zheng M
2013VEGF165 modulates proliferation, adhesion, migration and differentiation of cultured human outer root sheath cells from central hair follicle epithelium through VEGFR-2 activation in vitro.Wu XJ; Zhu JW; Jing J; Xue D; Liu H; Zheng M; Lu ZF