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2017BSA-exfoliated WSe2 nanosheets as a photoregulated carrier for synergistic photodynamic/photothermal therapyXiaodan Jia; Jing Bai; Zhifang Ma; Xiue Jiang()
2016Fe(III)-doped two-dimensional C3N4 nanofusiform: a new O2-evolving and mitochondria-targeting photodynamic agent for MRI and enhanced antitumor therapyZhifang Ma; Mengchao Zhang; Xiaodan Jia; Jing Bai; Yudi Ruan; Chao Wang; Xuping Sun; Xiue Jiang()
2016Folate-conjugated polylactic acid–silica hybrid nanoparticles as degradable carriers for targeted drug delivery, on-demand release and simultaneous self-clearanceZhifang Ma; Xiaolei Li; Xiaodan Jia; Jing Bai; Xiue Jiang()
2014Impact of shape and pore size of mesoporous silica nanoparticles on serum protein adsorption and RBCs hemolysisZhifang Ma; Jing Bai; Yichen Wang; Xiue Jiang()
2017MnO2 gatekeeper: an intelligent and O2-evolving shell for preventing premature release of high cargo payload core, overcoming tumor hypoxia, and acidic H2O2-sensitive MRIZhifang Ma; Xiaodan Jia; Jing Bai; Yudi Ruan; Chao Wang; Jianming Li; Mengchao Zhang(); Xiue Jiang()
2015Monitoring of the enzymatic degradation of protein corona and evaluating the accompanying cytotoxicity of nanoparticlesZhifang Ma; Jing Bai; Xiue Jiang()
2016Polycatechol nanosheet: a superior nanocarrier for highly effective chemo-photothermal synergistic therapy in vivoJing Bai; Xiaodan Jia; Zhifang Ma; Xiue Jiang(); Xuping Sun()
2016Surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy and electrochemistry reveal the impact of nanoparticles on the function of protein immobilized on mimic biointerfaceXiaofei Zhang; Li Zeng; Li Liu; Zhifang Ma; Xiue Jiang()