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2015An investigation on new infrarednonlinear optical material: BaCdSnSe4, and three new relatedcentrosymmetric compounds: Ba2SnSe4, Mg2GeSe4,and Ba2Ge2S6Kui Wu; Xin Su; Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan
2015Ba2GeS4 and Mg2SnS4: synthesis, structures, optical propertiesand electronic structuresKui Wu; Shilie Pan; Zhihua Yang
2014Ba4(BO3)3(SiO4)·Ba3X (X = Cl, Br): New Salt-Inclusion Borosilicate Halides as Potential Deep UV Nonlinear Optical MaterialsXiaoxia Lin; Fangfang Zhang; Shilie Pan; Hongwei Yu; Fangyuan Zhang; Xiaoyu Dong; Shujuan Han; Lingyun Dong; Chunyan Bai; Zhihua Yang
2014BaPbSi2O6 center dot BaSO4: the first mixed anionic compound synthesized via BaSO4 salt-inclusionLingyun Dong; Shilie Pan; Ying Wang; Hongwei Yu; Qiang Bian; Zhihua Yang; Hongping Wu; Min Zhang
2010A concurrent dynamic logic of knowledge, belief and certainty for multi-agent systemsLijun Wu; Jinshu Su; Kaile Su; Xiangyu Luo; Zhihua Yang
2014Crystal growth and calculation of the electronic band structure and density of states of Li3Cs2B5O10Yun Yang; Xin Su; Shilie Pan; Min Zhang; Ying Wang; Jian Han; Zhihua Yang
2013Effect of sintering pressure on the texture of hot-press sintered hexagonal boron nitride composite ceramicsXiaoming Duan; Dechang Jia; Zhilian Wu; Zhuo Tian; Zhihua Yang; Shengjin Wang; Yu Zhou
2013Exploration of a new compound in the M–B–O–X (M: alkali metals; X: halogen) system: Preparation, crystal and electronic structures, and optical properties of Na3B6O10BrZhaohui Chen; Shilie Pan; Zhihua Yang; Xiaoyu Dong; Xin Su; Yun Yang
2013Influence of ball milling parameters on the structure of the mechanically alloyed SiBCN powderPengfei Zhang; Dechang Jia; Zhihua Yang; Xiaoming Duan; Yu Zhou
2012Li5Rb2B7O14: a new congruently melting compound with two kinds of B-O one-dimensional chains and short UV absorption edgeYun Yang; Shilie Pan; Xueling Hou; Xiaoyu Dong; Xin Su; Zhihua Yang; Min Zhang; Wenwu Zhao; Zhaohui Chen
2015Linear Optical and Thermo-physical Properties of Polar K3B6O10Cl CrystalHongping Wu; Hongwei Yu; Zhihua Yang; Jian Han; Jian Han; Kui Wu; Shilie Pan,
2017LiRb2PO4: a new deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical phosphate with a large SHG responseLin Li; Ying Wang; Bing-Hua Lei; Shujuan Han(); Zhihua Yang; Hongyi Li; Shilie Pan()
2015Na4MgM2Se6 (M = Si, Ge): the first non-centrosymmetric compounds with special ethane-like[M2Se6]6− units exhibiting large laser damagethresholdsKui Wu; Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan
2015Na4MgM2Se6 (M = Si, Ge): The First Noncentrosymmetric Compounds with Special Ethane-like [M2Se6]6– Units Exhibiting Large Laser-Damage ThresholdsKui Wu; Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan
2015On-Line Signature Verification Based on DCT and Sparse RepresentationYishu Liu; Zhihua Yang; Lihua Yang
2015Pb7O(OH)3(CO3)3(BO3): First Mixed Borate and Carbonate Nonlinear Optical Material Exhibiting Large Second-Harmonic Generation ResponseMaierhaba Abudoureheman; Li Wang; Xianming Zhang; Hongwei Yu; Zhihua Yang; Chen Lei; Jian Han; Shilie Pan
2014Preparation, Structure, and Second-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of aBorate-Carboxylic Acid Compound:NH4B[D-(+)-C4H4O5]2·H2OZhaohui Chen; Shilie Pan; Jun Jing; Yun Yang; Xiaoyu Dong; Qiang Bian; Jian Han; Linyun Dong; Zhihua Yang
2007Robust Image Watermarking Based on Multiband Wavelets and Empirical Mode DecompositionNing Bi; Qiyu Sun; Daren Huang; Zhihua Yang; Jiwu Huang
2009Simultaneous detection for three kinds of veterinary drugs: Chloramphenicol, clenbuterol and 17-beta-estradiol by high-throughput suspension array technologyNan Liu; Pu Su; Zhixian Gao; Maoxiang Zhu; Zhihua Yang; Xiujie Pan; Yanjun Fang; Fuhuan Chao
2012Structure, growth and properties of a novel polar material, KSr"4B"3O"9Wenwu Zhao; Shilie Pan; Yongjiang Wang; Zhihua Yang; Xian Wang; Jian Han