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2009Cluster-based Three-dimensional Localization Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor NetworksJian Shu; Ronglei Zhang; Linlan Liu; Zhenhua Wu; Zhiping Zhou
2014Composites of surface imprinting polymer capped Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots for room-temperature phosphorescence probing of 2,4,5-trichlorophenolXiao Wei; Zhiping Zhou; Jiangdong Dai; Tongfan Hao; Hongji Li; Yeqing Xu; Lin Gao; Jianming Pan; Chunxiang Li; Yongsheng Yan
2015Fabrication of self-healing super-hydrophobic surfaces on aluminium alloy substratesYang Wang; Xiaowei Liu; Haifeng Zhang; Zhiping Zhou
2014Magnetic and hydrophilic imprinted particles via ATRP at room temperature for selective separation of sulfamethazineYongli Zou; Chunyan Zhao; Jiangdong Dai; Zhiping Zhou; Jianming Pan; Ping Yu; Yongsheng Yan; Chunxiang Li
2016Novel pitaya-inspired well-defined core–shell nanospheres with ultrathin surface imprinted nanofilm from magnetic mesoporous nanosilica for highly efficient chloramphenicol removalJiandong Dai; Jinsong He; Atian Xie; Lin Gao; Jianming Pan; Xiang Chen; Zhiping Zhou; Xiao Wei; Yongsheng Yan
2014One-pot method for obtaining hydrophilic tetracycline-imprinted particles via precipitation polymerization in ethanolChunyan Zhao; Jiangdong Dai; Zhiping Zhou; Xiaohui Dai; Yongli Zou; Ping Yu; Tianbian Zou; Chunxiang Li; Yongsheng Yan
2007Polarization beam splitter using a binary blazed grating couplerJunbo Feng; Zhiping Zhou
2012Preparation and evaluation of hollow molecular imprinted polymer for adsorption of dibenzothiopheneWenming Yang; Lukuan Liu; Wei Zhou; Wanzhen Xu; Zhiping Zhou; Weihong Huang
2013Rational design and preparation for novel denitrogenation adsorbents by computational simulation and improved atom transfer radical polymerizationWenming Yang; Lukuan Liu; Zhiping Zhou; Chunxiao Qiu; Pengfei Ma; Hong Liu; Wanzhen Xu
2013Rational preparation of dibenzothiophene-imprinted polymers by surface imprinting technique combined with atom transfer radical polymerizationWenming Yang; Lukuan Liu; Zhiping Zhou; Hong Liu; Binze Xie; Wanzhen Xu
2012Selective Adsorption of Dibenzothiophene using Magnetic Molecularly Imprinted PolymersWeihong Huang; Hui Li; Wanzhen Xu; Wei Zhou; Zhiping Zhou; Wenming Yang
2015Superhydrophobic surfaces created by a one-step solution-immersion process and their drag reduction effect on waterYang Wang; Xiaowei Liu; Haifeng Zhang; Zhiping Zhou
2016Surface hydrophilic imprinted particles via a green precipitation polymerization for selective removal of tetracycline from aqueous solutionJun Sun; Jiangdong Dai; Wei Ma; Lin Gao; Atian Xie; Jinsong He; Xiao Wei; Zhiping Zhou; chun xiang li; Yongsheng Yan
2014Surface imprinted core-shell nanorod with ultrathin water-compatible polymer brushes for specific recognition and adsorption of sulfamethazine in water mediumJiangdong Dai; Zhiping Zhou; Yongli Zou; Xiao Wei; Xiaohui Dai; Chunxiang Li; Yongsheng Yan
2012Synthesis of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer particles for selective adsorption and separation of dibenzothiopheneHui Li; Wanzhen Xu; Ningwei Wang; Xuhai Ma; Dandan Niu; Bo Jiang; Lukuan Liu; Weihong Huang; Wenming Yang; Zhiping Zhou
2014Synthesis of molecularly imprinted silica nanospheres embedded mercaptosuccinic acid-coated CdTe quantum dots for selective recognition of λ-cyhalothrinXiao Wei; Minjia Meng; Zhilong Song; Lin Gao; Hongji Li; Jiangdong Dai; Zhiping Zhou; Chunxiang Li; Jianming Pan; Ping Yu; Yongsheng Yan