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2014Defective expression of regulatory B cells in iodine-induced autoimmune thyroiditis in non-obese diabetic H-2(h4) mice.Shi, L; Bi, M; Yang, R; Zhou, J; Zhao, S; Fan, C; Shan, Z; Li, Y; Teng, W
2013Design and Evaluation of a Provenance-Based Rebuild FrameworkXie, Y.; Feng, D.; Tan, Z.; Zhou, J
2015Effects of transgenic soybean on growth and phosphorus acquisition in mixed culture systemXie, J; Zhou, J; Wang, X; Liao, H.
2012Enhancement of the Efficiency Based on a Sandwiched Grating for Separating Polarized BeamsWang, B.; Chen, L.; Lei, L.; Zhou, J
2013Hierarchical Minutiae Matching for Fingerprint and Palmprint IdentificationChen, F.; Huang, X.; Zhou, J
2013Highly polarised Raman scattering anisotropy in tetrathiafulvalene tetracyanoquinodimethane single crystalWu, H Y; Zhou, J; Sun, J B; Li, B; Li, L T
2010Isolation and characterization of lymphatic endothelial cells from human glossal lymphangioma.You, L; Wu, M; Chen, Y; Xu, G; Wei, J; Li, Q; Song, A; Zhao, L; Li, S; Han, Z; Zhou, J; Lu, Y; Wang, S; Ma, D; Meng, L
2009Isolation and chromosomal distribution of a novel Ty1-copia-like sequence from Secale, which enables identification of wheat-Secale africanum introgression lines — Short communicationJia, J; Yang, Z; Li, G; Liu, Ch; Lei, M; Zhang, T; Zhou, J; Ren, Z
2015Methylated Arsenic Metabolites Bind to PML Protein but Do not Induce Cellular Differentiation and PML-RARα Protein DegradationWang QQ (博士生); Zhou XY; Zhang YF; Bu N; Zhou, J; Cao FL; Naranmandura H (通讯)
2013Multi-Class Constrained Normalized Cut With Hard, Soft, Unary and Pairwise Priors and its Applications to Object SegmentationHu, H.; Feng, J.; Yu, C.; Zhou, J
2011Multilinear Calderon-Zygmund operators on Morrey space with non-doubling measuresLi, L.; Ma, B.; Zhou, J
2007On the second largest eigenvalue of a mixed graphZhou, J; Fan, Y-Z; Wang, Y
2015Role of mycorrhizal symbiosis in aluminum and phosphorus interactions in relation to aluminum tolerance in soybeanZhang, S; Zhou, J; Wang, GH; Wang, XR; Liao, H
2015Study on computer-aided alignment method of reflective zoom systemsZhou, J; Chang, J; Xie, G.; Zhang, K
2015Study on computer-aided alignment method of reflective zoom systemsZhou, J; Chang, J; Xie, G.; Zhang, K