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2012Brain Activity in Fairness Consideration during Asset Distribution: Does the Initial Ownership Play a Role?Wu, Yin; Hu, Jie; van Dijk, Eric; Leliveld, Marijke C.; Zhou, Xiaolin
2012Brain responses in evaluating feedback stimuli with a social dimensionZhang, Yuan; Li, Xiang; Qian, Xing; Zhou, Xiaolin
2015Can money heal all wounds? Social exchange norm modulates the preference for monetary versus social compensation.Cao, Yulong; Yu, Hongbo; Wu, Yanhong; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Cognitive empathy modulates the processing of pragmatic constraints during sentence comprehension.Li, Sai; Jiang, Xiaoming; Yu, Hongbo; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) gene modulates individuals' empathic abilityGong, Pingyuan; Liu, Jinting; Li, She; Zhou, Xiaolin
2013Evaluating self- vs. other-owned objects: The modulatory role of oxytocinWu, Yin; van Dijk, Eric; Zhou, Xiaolin
2013Even a rich man can afford that expensive house: ERP responses to construction-based pragmatic constraints during sentence comprehensionJiang, Xiaoming; Li, Yi; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Fast transfer of crossmodal time interval trainingChen, Lihan; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Fast transfer of crossmodal time interval training.Chen, Lihan; Zhou, Xiaolin
2013fMRI evidence for the interaction between orthography and phonology in reading Chinese compound words.Zhan, Jiayu; Yu, Hongbo; Zhou, Xiaolin
2013Gum chewing inhibits the sensory processing and the propagation of stress-related information in a brain network.Yu, Hongbo; Chen, Xi; Liu, Jinting; Zhou, Xiaolin
2009The impact of negative attentional set upon target processing in RSVP: An ERP studyZhang, Dexuan; Zhou, Xiaolin; Martens, Sander
2013Interaction between value and perceptual salience in value-driven attentional captureWang, Lihui; Yu, Hongbo; Zhou, Xiaolin
2013Is it over-respectful or disrespectful? Differential patterns of brain activity in perceiving pragmatic violation of social status information during utterance comprehension.Jiang, Xiaoming; Li, Yi; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Low social status decreases the neural salience of unfairness.Hu, Jie; Cao, Yuan; Blue, R. Philip; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Neural basis of increased costly norm enforcement under adversity.Wu, Yan; Yu, Hongbo; Yu, Rongjun; Zhou, Zhiheng; Zhang, Guoping; Jiang, Yushi; Zhou, Xiaolin
2015Neural Substrates of Intention-Consequence Integration and Its Impact on Reactive Punishment in Interpersonal TransgressionYu, Hongbo; Li, Jia; Zhou, Xiaolin
2015Revisiting the spread of sparing in attentional blinkChen, Xi; Zhou, Xiaolin
2014Reward breaks through the inhibitory region around attentional focus.Wang, Lihui; Duan, Yunyan; Theeuwes, Jan; Zhou, Xiaolin
2015Semantic Processing Persists despite Anomalous Syntactic Category: ERP Evidence from Chinese Passive Sentences.Yang, Yang; Wu, Fuyun; Zhou, Xiaolin