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2015A multiple antigenic peptide mimicking peptidoglycan induced T cell responses to protect mice from systemic infection with Staphylococcus aureusWang XY; Huang ZX; Chen YG; Lu X; Zhu P; Wen K; Fu N; Liu BY
2013Angiotensin II regulates collagen metabolism through modulating tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in diabetic skin tissues.Ren M; Hao S; Yang C; Zhu P; Chen L; Lin D; Li N; Yan L
2015Comparisons of ionospheric electron density profiles reconstructed by GPScomputerized tomography, backscatter ionogram and vertical ionogramZhou Chen; Lei Y; Li Bofeng; An J; Zhu P; Jiang C; Zhang Y; Ni B; Wang Z; Zhou X
2015Generation of Foxo3-targeted Miceby Injection of mRNAs Encoding Transcription Activator-like Effector Nucleases(TALENs) into ZygotesZhu P; Liu Q(#); Liu S; Su X; Feng W; Lei X; Liu J; Cui K; Huang B; Shi D
2016Inhibition of lysyl oxidase by cortisol regeneration in human amnion: Implications for rupture of fetal membranesLiu C(#); Guo CM; Wang WS; Zhu P; Li WJ; Myatt L; Sun K()
2016Inhibition of lysyl oxidase by prostaglandin E2 via EP2/EP4 receptors in human amnion fibroblasts: Implications for parturitionLiu C(#); Zhu P; Wang WS; Li WJ; Shu Q; Chen ZJ; Myatt L; Sun K()
2015Interaction of TLR-IFN and HLA polymorphisms on susceptibility of chronic HBV infection in Southwest Han ChineseHe D(#); Tao S; Guo S; Li M; Wu J; Huang H; Guo X; Yan G; Zhu P; Wang Y()
2016Long-term organic and inorganic fertilization alters temperature sensitivity of potential N2O emissions and associated microbesCui PY; Fan FL; Yin C; Song AL; Huang PR; Tang YJ; Zhu P; Peng C; Li TQ; Wakelin SA; Liang YC
2014Long-term outcomes after nucleos(t)ide analogue discontinuation in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patientsHe D(#); Guo S; Zhu P; Tao S; Li M; Huang H; Wang Y()
2015Multiple genetic variants associated with primary biliary cirrhosis in a Han Chinese populationDong M; Li J; Tang R; Zhu P; Qiu F; Wang C; Qiu J; Wang L; Dai Y; Xu P; Gao Y; Han C; Wang Y; Wu J; Wu X; Zhang K; Dai N; Sun W; Zhou J; Hu Z; Liu L; Jiang Y; Nie J; Zhao Y; Gong Y; Tian Y; Ji H……
2014Overexpression of SIRT1 promotes metastasis through epithelial-mesenchymaltransition in hepatocellular carcinomaHao C; Zhu P; Yang X; Han Z; Jiang J; Zong C; Zhang X; Liu W, Zhao Q; Fan T; Zhang L; Wei L
2014Promotion of cardiac differentiation of brown adipose derived stem cells by chitosan hydrogel for repair after myocardial infarction.<strong>Wang HB</strong>; Shi JX; Wang Y; Yin YJ; Wang LM; Liu JF; Liu ZQ; Duan CM; Zhu P; Wang CY
2015The Long Noncoding RNA lncTCF7 Promotes Self-Renewal of Human Liver Cancer Stem Cells through Activation of Wnt SignalingWang Y; He L; Du Y; Zhu P; Huang G; Luo J; Yan X; Ye B; Li C; Xia P; Zhang G; Tian Y; Chen R; Fan Z
2015The molecular characteristics and evolution analysis of a very virulent infectious bursal disease virusLi Z; Qi X; Ren X; Cui L; Wang X; Zhu P
2015Zic2 Drives Self-renewal of Human Liver Cancer Stem CellsZhu P; Wang Y; He L; Huang G; Du Y; Zhang G; Yan X; Xia P; Ye B; Wang S; Hao L; Wu J; Fan Z