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2013An Efficient Method to Correct Multi-Targets’ Range Migrationwang jiao(#); <b>li ming</b>; wu yan
2014Compressed Sensing Detector for Wideband Radar Using the Dominant Scattererzhang xiaowei(#)(); li ming(); zuo lei; wu yan
2014Four-Component Scattering Power Decomposition of Remainder Coherency Matrices Constrained for Nonnegative Eigenvaluesliu gaofeng(#)(); li ming; wang yajun; zhang peng; wu yan
2014Multiple-scale salient-region Detection of SAR image based on Gamma distribution and local intensity variationzhang qiang(#)(); wu yan; wang fan; fa jianwei; li ming
2016Persymmetric Detectors of Distributed Targets in Partially Homogeneous Disturbancewang zeyu(#); li ming(); chen hongmeng; zhang peng; wu yan
2014PolSAR Image Classification Based on Wishart TMF with Specific Auxiliary Fieldliu gaofeng(#)(); li ming; wu yan; zhang peng
2014Range-spread target detector using the frequency rate functionzuo lei(#)(); li ming; zhang xiaowei; lu yunlong; wu yan
2015Resolution enhancement for DBS imagingchen hongmeng(#)(); li ming; zhang peng; liu gaofeng; jia lu; wu yan
2015Sparse super-resolution imaging for airborne single channel forward-looking radar in expanded beam space via lp regularizationchen hongmeng(#)(); li ming; wang zeyu; zhang peng; wu yan
2016Super-resolution DBS Imaging via Sparse Representationchen hongmeng(#)(); li ming; wang zeyu; zhang peng; wu yan
2017Synthetic Bandwidth Azimuth Modulation Imaging Radar for Airborne single-channel Forward-looking Imagingchen hongmeng(#); li ming(); wang zeyu; wu yan
2015The WG Distribution for Multi-Look Polarimetric SAR Data and Its Applicationsong wanying(#); li ming(); zhang peng; wu yan; jia lu