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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Characterization of L-Asparaginase Fused with a Protective ScFv and the Protection MechanismGuo, L.; Wang, J.; Yan, X.; Chen, R.; Qian, S.; Meng, G
2000Publication of Advanced Powder TechnologyJia Ning Liu
2001低钙性笼养蛋鸡骨质疏松症PTH、CT及E2的变化主性; 侯加法; 张咏梅; 沈向真; 钱存忠
2001Finite element implementation of thermal weight function method for calculating transient SIFs of a body subjected to thermal shockLu, YL; Liu, H; Jia, H; Yu, ZQ
2001Nonlinear interdependence of the Chinese stock marketsAbdol S. Soofi; Zhe Li; Xiaofeng Hui
2001Electrochemical Synthesis and Properties of Poly(azure B)Shan, D.; Mu, S.-l
2002Remarks on star-Lindelof spacesSong Yan-Kui; Yin Zheng
2002Effects of Loading Rate on Fracture Toughness of Steel 20 g at High TemperatureZhang, S.; Lu, Y.; Ren, L.; Hong, Q
2002Model predictive controlDing B.; Cychowski M.T.; Xi Y.; Cai W.; Huang B.
2002Pedigree Survey on the Distribution of Constitutional Pattern among Cases with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and their Family Lines周小军; 田道法
2003Expression and function of a new angiogenic factor AA98 target molecule at the maternal-embryonic boundary of rhesus monkeyPeng Wei; Zhihong Zhang; Xinlei Chen; Xiyun Yan; Yixun Liu
2003A novel anti-CD146 monoclonal antibody, AA98, inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growthXiyun Yan; Yun Lin; Dongling Yang; Yi Shen; Mei Yuan; Zhiqiang Zhang; Peiyu Li; Hongtian Xia; Li Li; Dandan Luo; Qin Liu; Karlheinz Mann; Bernhard L. Bader
2003The First Silver-Catalyzed Three-Component Coupling of Aldehyde, Alkyne, and AmineWei, Chunmei; Li, Zigang; Li, Chao-Jun
2003混凝土现浇肋形楼盖的动力响应研究丁圣果; 郝方; 丁婷; 郑炜; 郑涛
2003Three New Sesquiterpene Lactones from Inula britannicaBai, N.; Zhou, B.-N.; Zhang, L.; Sang, S.; He, K.; Zheng, Q. Y
2003Comparison of Two Combined Bioelectrochemical and Sulfur Autotrophic Denitrification Processes for Drinking Water TreatmentHaiyan Wang; Jiuhui Qu; Haiyan Wang; Jiuhui Qu
2003Combined bioelectrochemical and sulfur autotrophic denitrification for drinking water treatmentHaiyan Wang; Jiuhui Qu
2003Determination of histories of SIF distributions for axial semi-elliptical surface cracks in hollow cylinders subjected to thermal shockYan-Lin Lu; Shu-Jia Zhang; Xian-Ping Huang; Jun Huang