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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Novel Deployable Array Mechanism with Two-Dimensional Expanding Applied to SAR AntennaYaping Tian(#); <b>Yi Yang</b>(); Ling Tao; Xiaoyuan Zhang
2016Accuracy analysis of a multi-closed-loop deployable mechanism<strong>Yi Yang</strong>; Jun Luo; Wuxiang Zhang; Shaorong Xie; Yu Sun; Hengyu Li
2016Accuracy model, analysis, and adjustment in the context of multi-closed-loop planar deployable mechanisms<strong>Yang, Yi</strong>; Xie, Shaorong; Zhang, Wuxiang; Luo, Jun; Li, Hengyu
2016Design and Implementation of a Metamorphic Deployable Space-borne Truss with flat panel Antennas李波(#)(); 苗军
-Design of seawater sampling and docking transmission device杨超(#); 郭伟其(); 金左文; 杨毅; 李小毛; 彭艳
2015多环闭链可展机构尺寸调整方法张武翔; 杨毅; 罗均; 谢少荣; 周鑫; 李恒宇
2015多环闭链可展机构尺寸调整方法张武翔; <strong>杨毅</strong>; 罗均; 谢少荣; 周鑫; 李恒宇
2015Erosion–corrosion resistance of electroplated Co-Pd film on 316Lstainless steel in a hot sulfuric acid slurry environment鞠鹏飞
2015铝合金激光同轴辅助加热搅拌摩擦焊工艺许辉(#)(); <b>封小松</b>()
2016Mobility Analysis for Deployable Assemblies of Mechanisms Based onNullspace<strong>Yi Yang</strong>; Xilun Ding; Wuxiang Zhang
2015Numerical Analysis of Thermal Behavior in Heat Coaxially Assisted Friction Stir Welding许辉(#); 封小松()
2015特殊对接形式下SiCp/Al复合材料与铝合金搅拌摩擦焊的组织与力学性能宋学成(); 封小松()
2015星载平面可展天线支撑桁架的结构效率优化李波; <strong>杨毅</strong>
2014一类空间对称6R机构的运动学研究及组合应用杨毅; 张武翔
2014一类空间对称6R机构的运动学研究及组合应用<strong>杨毅</strong>; 张武翔