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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013D -Lactate: A Novel Contributor to Metabolic Acidosis and High Anion Gap in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Clin Chem.Meng QH
2014D and E rings may not be indispensable for antofine: discovery of phenanthrene and alkylamine chain containing antofine derivatives as novel antiviral agents against tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) based on interaction of antofine and TMV RNAWang Ziwen; Wei Peng; Liu Yuxiu; Wang Qingmin
2012d carrier induced intrinsic room temperature ferromagnetism in Nb:TiO2 filmJ. Y. Yang; Y. L. Han; L. He; R. F. Dou; C. M. Xiong; J. C. Nie
2012D numbers: theory and applicationsYong Deng
2015D Stabilization of the Fuzzy singular systemsJianjun Bai; Xia Liu; Renquan Lu; Jianmiao Shu
2015D Stabilization of the Fuzzy singular systemsJianjun Bai; Xia Liu; Renquan Lu; Jianmiao Shu
2007D wave heavy mesonsWei Wei; Xiang Liu; Shi-Lin Zhu
2014D&S Barcode: A dynamic and sensitive barcode for intelligent environment monitoring李志刚; 陈卫卫
2014D&S Barcode: A dynamic and sensitive barcode for intelligent environment monitoring李志刚; 陈卫卫
2015D&M模型在医疗卫生信息领域应用分析徐雯(#); 刘加林(通讯); 黎勇; 鄂琪敏
2009D"1/D"2 receptor-targeting L-stepholidine, an active ingredient of the Chinese herb Stephonia, induces non-rapid eye movement sleep in miceMei-Hong Qiu; Wei-Min Qu; Xin-Hong Xu; Ming-Ming Yan; Yoshihiro Urade; Zhi-Li Huang
2014D&S Barcode: A dynamic and sensitive barcode for intelligent environment monitoring<b>李志刚</b>(#); 陈卫卫
2014D+ irradiation experiments to investigate the H2O/OH thermal stability in lunar soil<b>Xiaohui Fu</b>(#)(); Yongchao Zhu; Yongliao Zou
2016D+CaCl ---> DCl+Ca反应的经典轨线和波包动力学计算Rui Shan Tan(#); Wei Yan; Shi Ying Lin()
2013d+id' Chiral Superconductivity in Bilayer SiliceneFeng Liu(#); Cheng-Cheng Liu; Kehui Wu; Fan Yang(); Yugui Yao()
2013D- -三烯生育酚抗乳腺癌细胞的活性范才文(#); 王建红; 田晶; 肖胜军; 潘红杰; 罗琴; 向秋()
2014D-4F, an Apolipoprotein A-I Mimetic Peptide, Protects Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells From Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein-induced Injury by Preventing the Downregulation of Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor ExpressionLiu, Jie; Yao, Shutong; Wang, Shuxia; Jiao, Peng; Song, Guohua; Yu, Yang; Zhu, Ping; Qin, Shucun
2015D-Acopolymers containing lactam moieties for polymer solar cellsLu Futai; Qian Liu; Cao Jiamin; Feng Yaqing; Du Bin; Ding Liming
-D-Alanine metabolism is essential for growth and biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutans李明云
2015D-alpha-tocopherol polyethylene glycol succinate-based derivative nanoparticles as a novel carrier for paclitaxel deliveryWu Yupei; Chu Qian; Tan Songwei; Zhuang Xiangting; Bao Yuling; Wu Tingting; Zhang Zhiping