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2017Nonparametric Estimation of Interval-censored Failure Time Data in the Presence of Informative CensoringWang Chunjie(#); Sun; Jianguo(); Wang; Dehui; Shi; Ningzhong
2017Boosted Tidal Disruption by Massive Black Hole Binaries During Galaxy Mergers from the View of N-Body SimulationShuo Li(#)(); F. K. Liu; Peter Berczik; Rainer Spurzem
2017Advances in carrier-based aircraft deck operation scheduling刘翱(#); 刘克
2017On cohomology of a class of nonclassical restricted simple Lie algebrasBin Shu(#); Yufeng Yao
2017The interaction solitons for the complex short pulse equationZhaqilao(#)()
2017Generation of the compound optical vortex array wave field高垣梅(#)(); 温增润; 赵丽娜; 郑立仁
2017Complex periodic non-diffracting beams generated by superposition of two identical periodic wave fields高垣梅(#)()
2017Spacial inhomogeneity and nonlinear tunneling for the forced KdV equationXin Yu(#)(); Zhi-Yuan Sun; Kai-Wen Zhou; Yu-Jia Shen
2017Effect of metal catalyst on the mechanism of hydrogen spillover in three-dimensional covalent-organic frameworksXiu-Ying Liu(#); Jing-Xin Yu; Xiao-Dong Li; Gui-Cheng Liu(); Xiao-Feng Li; Joong-Kee Lee
2017Magnetoelectric effect of lead-free perovskite BiFeO3/Bi0.5(Na0.85K0.15)0.5TiO3 composite filmsZhehong Tang; Zongying Zhang; Jieyu Chen; Shifeng Zhao()
2017Complete convergence for weighted sums of i.i.d. random variables with applications in regression estimation and EV model<strong>陈平炎</strong>; Kong,Ningning; Sung,SooHak
2017Interactionof O2 with monolayer MoS2: Effect of doping andHydrogenationB. Zhao(#); L. L. Liu; G. D. Cheng; T. Li; N. Qi; 陈志权(); Z. Tang
2017Evaporation of a nanodroplet on a rough substrate孙永娟; 黄韬; 赵俊锋; <strong>陈勇</strong>
2017Enhancement effect of mass imbalance on Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov type of pairing in Fermi-Fermi mixtures of ultracold quantum gasesJibiao Wang; Yanming Che; Leifeng Zhang; <strong>Qijin Chen</strong>
2017A Galerkin Finite Element Method for a Class of Time–Space Fractional Differential Equation with Nonsmooth DataZhengang Zhao(#)(); Yunying Zheng; Peng Guo
2017The discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for fractional cable equationYunying Zheng(#); Zhengang Zhao()
2017Stochastic resonance system with linear random frequency fluctuation for aperiodic LFM signalLin Lifeng; <strong>Wang Huiqi</strong>; Lv Wangyong
2017Accurate determination of lattice parameters basedon Niggli reduced cell theory by using digitized electron diffractionmicrographYi Yang; Canying Cai; Jianguo Lin; Lunjun Gong; Qibin Yang
2017感应电场作用下神经元模型的放电机制及稳定性分析都琳(#)(); 曹子露; 张莹
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