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2016Hysteresis Modeling and Parameter Identification of an Encapsulated Piezoelectric ActuatorYang Zhang; Zhaobo Chen; Yinghou Jiao
2016Modeling of Cubic-Stewart vibration isolation platform with hybrid vibration isolatorYang Zhang; Zhaobo Chen; Yinghou Jiao
2016Fish Body Surface Data Measurement Based on 3D Digital Image Correlation Fish Body Surface Data Measurement Based on 3D Digital Image CorrelationJiang Ming; Qian Chen; Yang Wenkai
2016Study on the Liquid Crystalline Micro-flow Measurement based on theMicro-DPIV Technology刘春波
2016The Optimization Design and Test of a Cylindrical Non-contact Piezoelectric Actuator陈恒; 陈超
2016The multiple nonlinear regression to predict the bond strength of FRP-to-concrete joints童谷生
2016Fabrication of amultilayered optical device based on submicron polyimide filmWei Hu; Tianxiang Chen; Yong Chen
2016Conical Forebody Flow Control Using Thick Dielectric Barrier Plasma ActuatorsLong Yuexiao; Li Huaxing; Meng Xuanshi; Hu Haiyang; Liu Feng; Luo Shijun
2016Phase-LockedAveraged Schlieren of Periodic Nanosecond-Pulsed DBD Actuation in Quiescent AirHu Haiyang; Li Huaxing; Meng Xuanshi; Liu Feng; Luo Shijun
2016Laminar-Separation-BubblesFlow Control over Airfoil Using SDBD Plasma ActuatorLi Mingyang; Meng Xuanshi; Li Huaxing; Liu Feng; Luo Shijun
2016Negative reflection from metal/graphene plasmonic gratingsSu, Xiaopeng; Wei, Zeyong; Wu, Chao; Long, Yang; Li, Hongqiang
2016Ultraviolet Raman spectra of double-resonant modes of grapheneWei Zhou; Feng Miao
2016New Astrophysical Reaction Rate for 12C(alpha,gamma)16O ReactionZhen-Dong An; Yu-Gang Ma; Gong-Tao Fan; Yong-Jiang Li; Zhen-Peng Chen; Ye-Ying Sun
2016Derivative operator and summation formulae involving generalized harmonic numbersWang, Jun; Wei, Chuanan
2016The Hochschild cohomology ring of a Frobenius algebra with semisimple Nakayama automorphism is a Batalin-Vilkovisky algebraLambre, Thierry; Zhou, Guodong; Zimmerman, Alexander
2016A research of liquid filled container fluid-structure coupling vibration modal and damping ratio沈骥; 张美艳; 唐国安
2016Upconversion luminescence of Eu3+ ion in aluminoborate/NaYF4 vitreous composite matrix induced by 800 nm laserDanmian Wang; Haihua Fan; Zhimin Chen; Xia Wan; Shaolong Tie; Sheng Lan
2016The electronic and magnetic properties of the doped quaternary compounds Os1-x-yMnxCryAl2 in MoSi2 type structureJiangling Pan; Ouyang Fangping; Di Wu; Xiaohe Liu; RenZhi Ma
2016A sharp differentiable pinching theorem for submanifolds in space formsGu, Juan-Ru; Xu, Hong-Wei
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46179

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