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2018A stabilized characteristic-nonconforming finite element method for time-dependent Navier-Stokes equationsJia huiyong(#); Li Kaitai; <b>Jia Hongen</b>()
2018On two generalized connectivities of graphsYuefang Sun<b>Yuefang Sun</b>(#)(); Fengwei Li; Zemin Jin
2018Boundedness criteria for commutators of some sublinear operators in weighted Morrey space<b>Chen Xiaoli</b>(#)()
2018Complexification-averaging analysis on a giant magnetostrictive harvester integrated with a nonlinear energy sinkZhi-Wei Fang(#); <b>Ye-Wei Zhang</b>(); Xiang Li; Hu Ding; Li-Qun Chen
2018Braided mixed datums and their applications on Hom-quantum groups<b>Xiaohui ZHANG</b>(#); Lihong DONG
2018The ZD-GARCH model: A new way to study heteroscedasticity.李东(#); 张兴发; <b>朱柯</b>(); 凌仕卿
2018随钻四极源声波测井多模式采集测量TTI地层各向异性的研究卫建清(#); <b>何晓</b>(); 陈浩; 王秀明
2018A Hermite WENO reconstruction for fourth order temporal accurate schemes based on the GRP solver for hyperbolic conservation lawsZhifang Du; <b>Jiequan Li</b>()
2018Hom-L-R-smash biproduct and the category of Hom–Yetter–Drinfel’d–Long bimodulesDaowei Lu(#); <b>Xiaohui Zhang</b>()
2018Derivations, automorphisms, and representations of complex ω-Lie algebras<b>陈银</b>(#); Z.Zhang; R.Zhang(); Rushu Zhuang
2018Pair Interaction of Catalytical Sphere Dimers in Chemically Active MediaJing-Min Shi(#); Ru-Fei Cui; Jie Xiao; Jun-Wen Mao; <b>Li-Yan Qiao</b>(); Jiang-xing Chen()
2018一类地下水污染物运移问题的有限体积元方法骆小芳(#); <b>朱泉涌</b>; 林银河()
2018Multiplicity Solutions for a Class of Fractional Hamiltonian Systems With Concave–Convex Potentials<b>Dong-Lun Wu</b>(#)(); Chun Li; Pengfei Yuan
2018Autapses promote synchronization in neuronal networksHuawei Fan(#); Yafeng Wang; Hengtong Wang; Ying-Cheng Lai; <b>Xingang Wang</b>()
2018An optimal inequality on locally strongly convex centroaffine hypersurfacesXiuxiu Cheng(#); <b>Zejun Hu</b>()
2018Numerical investigation on the field emission properties of N-doped graphdiyne-C60 nanostructuresXuanjun Dai(#); <b>Daohan Ge</b>()
2018Quantum confinement effect and size-dependent photoluminescence in laser ablated ultra-thin GZO filmsHassan Ali(#)(); Irfan Muhammad; <b>蒋毅坚</b>
2018Search for heavy resonances decaying into W W in the eνμν final state in p p collisions at √ s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector<b>Atlas Collaboration M. Liu</b>()
2018Homoclinic orbits for a class of second-order Hamiltonian systems with concave–convex nonlinearities<b>Dong-Lun Wu</b>(#); Chun-Lei Tang(); Xing-Ping Wu
2018High efficiency and broadband acoustic diodesCongyi Fu(#); Bohan Wang; <b>Tianfei Zhao</b>; Changqing Chen()
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 62828

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