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2017SiO2 nano-crystals embedded in amorphous silica nanowiresXibao Yang(#); Jing Xu; ; Qiuying Liu; Hang Lv(); Xiaodong Lu; ; Qiushi Wang; Lili Wang; Zhen Yao; Bingbing Liu
2017Direct measurement of thermoelectric properties of β-MnO2 in its powder formShipeng Shen(#); Yisheng Chai(); Shouguo Wang; Chuansen Yang; Dashan Shang; Young Sun
2017The epidemic analysis of brucellosis in Xinjiang base on themultiple seasonal ARIMA model徐加波
2017Nondeterministic fuzzy automata with membership values in complete residuated latticesHaiyu Pan(#)(); Yongming Li; Yongzhi Cao; Ping Li
2017Exchange bias of nanostructured films assembled with Co/CoO core-shell clustersQiaoxia Xing; Zhonglin Han; Shifeng Zhao()
2017Involvement of caveolin-1 in low shear stress-induced breast cancer cell motility and adhesion: Roles of FAK/Src and ROCK/p-MLC pathways.Xiong; Niya(#); Li; Shun; Tang; Kai; Bai; Hongxia; Peng; Yueting; Yang; Hong; Wu; Chunhui; Liu; Yiyao()
2017Fabrication of polymer compound microlens by lens-on-lensmicrostructuresXia, Zehua; <strong>Li, Yan</strong>; Su, Xiaoya; Han, Yanhua; Guo, Zhongyi; Gao, Jianmin; Sun, Qiaoqun; Qu, Shiliang
2017Multifocal array with controllable orbital angular momentum modes by tight focusingDeng, Duo; <strong>Li, Yan</strong>; Han, Yanhua; Ye, Jingfu; Guo, Zhongyi; Qu, Shiliang
2017Cooperative interconnection settlement among ISPs through NAPZhou, Weihua; Pu, Yaqi; Dai, Hongyan; <strong>Jin, Qingwei</strong>
2017Automorphism group of the balanced hypercubeJin-Xin Zhou(#)(); Jin Ho Kwak; Yan-Quan Feng; Zhen-Lin Wu
2017Test of source selection for constructing a more stable and uniform celestial reference frame刘牛(#); 刘佳成(); 朱紫
2017Evaluation of a possible upgrade of the IAU 2006 precession刘佳成(#)(); Nicole Capitaine
2017The group of braided autoequivalences of the category of comodules over a coquasi-triangular Hopf algebraZhu Haixing(#)()
2017A high-throughput screening method for breeding Aspergillus niger with 12C6+ Cion beam-improved cellulase姜伯玲; 王曙阳()
2017A self-consistent mechanism for electron cyclotronmaser emission and its applicationto type III solar radio burstsL. Chen(#); D. J. Wu(); G. Q. Zhao; J. F. Tang
2017calibrations and laminationsVictor Bangert Xiaojun Cui
2017The Influence of SiO2 Coating on Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties of Carbonyl Iron PowderWangjun FENG(#); Xing ZHAO; Wenqian ZHENG; Juntao GANG; Yue CAO; Hua YANG
2017Probing the accretion disc structure by the twin kHz QPOs and spinsWang D.H.(); Zhang C.M.(); Lei Y.J.; Chen L.; Qu J.L.; Zhi Q.J.
2017Bayesian local influence analysis of general estimating equations with nonignorable missing dataYQ Zhang(#); NS Tang()
2017Semiparametric Estimating Equations Inference with Nonignorable Missing DataPY Zhao(#); NS Tang(); A Qu; DP Jiang
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 54997

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