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2016Affine hypersurfaces with self congruent center mapLi Cece
2016A proof of the conjecture regarding the sum of domination number and average eccentricity杜志斌; Aleksandar Ilic
2016Diffusion-induced stresses in an imperfect bilayer electrode of coin-shaped lithium-ion batteries刘东滢
2016Probing New Physics of Cubic Higgs Interaction via Higgs Pair Production at Hadron CollidersHong-Jian He; Jing Ren; Weiming Yao
2016Detection of supernova neutrinos at spallation neutron sources黄明阳; 郭新恒; 杨炳麟
2016XRF-mapping 图像处理方法的研究卢浩浩; 卜祥晒; 田旺; 王晓华; 刘成林
2016MLTSVM: A novel twin support vector machine to multi-label learningWei-Jie Chen; Yuan-Hai Shao; Chun-Na Li; Nai-Yang Deng
2016Mild solutions of local non-Lipschitz stochastic evolution equations with jumpsPei, Bin; Xu, Yong
2016Boundary face method for 3D contact problems with non-conforming contact discretizationXingshuai Zheng; Jianming Zhang; Kai Xiong; Xiaomin Shu; Lei Han
2016Dynamic Analysis of an Aeroelastic System with Softening NonlinearityShanshan Liu; Liangqiang Zhou; Fangqi Chen
2016A new Self-Adaptive disPatching System for local clusters石京燕
2016Shear thickening fluid based energy-free damper: design and dynamic characteristicsZhou, Hong; Yan, Lixun; Jiang, Wanquan; Xuan, Shouhu; Gong, Xinglong
2016Quasi-optimal complexity of adaptive finite element method for linear elasticity problems in two dimensionsChunmei Liu; Liuqian Zhong; Shi Shu; Yingxiong Xiao
2016Electron correlation effects on polarons recombination in coupled polymer chainsY. L. Zhang; X. J. Liu; Z. An
2016Speed Optimization Control for Wheeled Robot Navigation with Obstacle Avoidance Based on Viability TheoryLei Liu; Yan Gao; Yuepeng Wu
2016A phase field study focuses on the transverse propagation of deformation twinning for hexagonal-closed packed crystalsZ.P. Pi; Q.H. Fang; B. Liu; H. Feng; Y. Liu; Y.W. Liu; P.H. Wen
2016Recent development of knot invariants inspired by physics朱盛茂
2016Experimental investigation into underwater shock wave caused by horizontal high speed projectiles张伟; 黄威; 李达诚; 任鹏; 叶楠; 郭子涛
2016Neutronics ComparisonAnalysis of the Water Cooled Ceramics Breeding Blanket for CFETRLi Jia; Zhang Xiaokang; Gao Fangfang; Pu Yong
2016LAMOST 1: A Disrupted Satellite in the Constellation DracoVickers, John J.; Smith, Martin C.; Hou, Yonghui; Wang, Yue
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 46179

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