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2017Direct characterization of bulk samples by internal extractive electrospray ionization mass spectrometryHuanwen Chen; Hua Zhang; Liang Zhu
2017Direct characterization of bulk samples by internal extractive electrospray ionization mass spectrometryHuanwen Chen; Hua Zhang; Liang Zhu
2016Nitrogen/sulfur dual-doped 3D reduced graphene oxide networkssupported CoFe2O4 with enhanced electrocatalytic activities for oxygen reduction and evolution reactionsWenning Yan; Xuecheng Cao; JInghua Tian; Chao Jin; Ke Ke; Ruizhi Yang
2016Voltammetric determination of folic acid using adsorption of methyleneblue onto electrodeposited of reduced graphene oxide film modified glassycarbon electrodeDongdong Zhang; Xiaoyan Ouyang; Weina Ma; Lingzhi Li; Yanmin Zhang
2016Reaction Mechanism of 3,4-Dinitrofuroxan (DNFO) Formation by Glyoxime:Dehydrogenationand Cyclization of OximeYajing Peng; Yanxue Jiang; Jianyong Liu; Weipeng Lai
2016Color changing from white to red emission for ZnWO4:Eu3+ nanophosphors at different temperaturesChunyang Li; Xiaodi Du; Dan Yue; Mengnan Wang; Jingbin Huang; 王振领
2016Effects of tris(2-butoxyethyl) phosphate (TBOEP) on endocrine axes during development of earlylife stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio)Ma ZY; Yu YJ; Tang S; Liu HL; Su GY; Xie YW; Giesy J; Hecker M; Yu HX
2016Hierarchical macro and mesoporous foams synthesized by HIPEs template and interface grafted route for simultaneous removal of k-cyhalothrin and copper ionsJianming pan; Jun Zeng; Qin Cao; Heping Gao; Yongchao Gen; Yinxian Peng; Xiaohui Dai; Yongsheng Yan
2016Behaviorof antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in eco- agricultural system: A casestudyCheng Weixiao; Li Jianan; Wu Ying; Xu Like; Su Chao; Qian Yanyun; Zhu Yongguan; Chen Hong
2016An elastic microporous material with tunable optical property王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2016水溶性有机物对土壤中残留壬基酚吸附-解吸与迁移行为的影响姜蕾; 贾林贤; 林靖凌;
2016Whatare the differences between aerobic and anaerobic toxic effects of sulfonamideson Escherichia coli?Mengnan Qin; Zhifen Lin; Dali Wang; Xi Long; Min Zheng; Yanling Qiu
2016Novel pitaya-inspired well-defined core–shell nanospheres with ultrathin surface imprinted nanofilm from magnetic mesoporous nanosilica for highly efficient chloramphenicol removalJiandong Dai; Jinsong He; Atian Xie; Lin Gao; Jianming Pan; Xiang Chen; Zhiping Zhou; Xiao Wei; Yongsheng Yan
2016Nanocastingsynthesis of an ordered mesoporous CeO2 supported Pt nanocatalystwith enhanced catalytic performance for the reduction of 4- nitrophenolQianli Wang; Yiwei Zhang; Yuming Zhou; Zewu Zhang; Jinjuan Xue; Yuanmei Xu; Chao Zhang; Xiaoli Sheng; Naishu Kui
2016Effect of nitrate enrichment and diatoms on the bioavailability ofFe(III) oxyhydroxide colloids in seawaterFeng-Jiao Liu; Bang-Qin Huang; Shun-Xing Li; Feng-Ying Zheng; Xu-Guang Huang
2016Synergistic Ternary Composite (Carbon/Fe3O4@Graphene) with Hollow Microspherical and Robust Structure for Li-Ion StorageXingxing Li; Xueying Zheng; Jie Shao; Tian Gao; Qiang Shi; Qunting Qu
2016Analysis of cobalt phosphide (CoP) nanorods designed for non-enzyme glucose detectionSun Qiang-Qiang; Wang Min; Bao Shu-Juan; Wang Yu Chen; Gu Shuang
2016Polypyrrole and graphene quantum dots @ Prussian Blue hybrid filmon graphite felt electrodes: Application for amperometricdetermination of L-cysteineLei Wang; Simon Tricard; Pengwei Yue; Jihua Zhao; Jian Fang; Weiguo Shen
2016Microstructure, growth process and enhanced photocatalytic activity offlower-like ZnO particlesYumin Su; Jibiao Li; Zhanzhou Luo; Bin Lu; Ping Li
2016Study of interaction between water-soluble collagen and carboxymethyl cellulose in neutral aqueous solutionMin Zhang; Cuicui Ding; Junhui Yang; Shan Lin; Lihui Chen; Liu
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