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2017带有远端双键的取代碘苯的合成董志兵(#)(); 高帆; 操强; 王敏; 刘方; 王稼伟
2017Design, synthesis and antithrombotic evaluation of novel non-peptide thrombin inhibitorsDongxing Chen(#); Jinyu Shi(#); Jing Liu; Xueying Zhang; Xiaoying Deng; Yanyan Yang; Shuang Cui; Qihua Zhu(); Guoqing Gong; Yungen Xu()
2017Self-Sterilized Flexible Single-Electrode Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting and Dynamic Force SensingGuo Huijuan(#); Li Tao; Cao Xiaotao; Xiong Jin; Jie Yang; Willander Mangus; Wang Ning(); Cao Xia(); Wang Zhong Lin()
2017Heterologous Expression of a New Acetyl Xylan Esterase from Aspergillus niger BE-2 and its Synergistic Action with Xylan-Degrading Enzymes in the Hydrolysis of Bamboo BiomassHongli Wu; Yong Xue; Hailong Li; Lihui Gan; Jian Liu(); Minnan Long()
2017High efficiency co-production of ferulic acid and xylooligosaccharides from wheat bran by recombinant xylanase and feruloyl esteraseHongli Wu; Hailong Li; Yong Xue; Gan Luo; Lihui Gan; Jian Liu(); Liuhao Mao; Minnan Long()
2017Secondary metabolites from Ajania salicifolia and their chemotaxonomic significance. Biochemical Systematics and EcologyZhuan-Ning Shi(#); Hong-Ru W; Xiao-Yan Pang; Jing-Rong Chen; Ying Zhu()
2017Low-temperature synthesis of LiMnPO4/RGO cathode material with excellent voltage platform and cycle performanceXiaoning Fu; Kun Chang(); Bao Li; Hongwei Tang; Enbo Shangguan; Zhaorong Chang()
2017Effect of molten carbonate composition on the generation of carbon materialHongjun Wu(#); Zhida Li; Deqiang Ji; Yue Liu; Guanlin Yi; Dandan Yuan; Baohui Wang(); Zhonghai Zhang()
2017Biosorption of tetracycline onto dried alligator weed root丁铫瑶(#); 崔皓; 陈建()
2017Modification and investigation of silica particles as a foam stabilizer朱倩; 周花蕾(); 宋迎晓; 常志东(); 李文军
2017Heterophase-structured nanocrystals as superior supports for Ru-based catalysts in selective hydrogenation for benzene彭智昆; 刘絮; 李帅辉; 李中军; 李保军(); 刘仲毅(); 刘寿长
2017In Vivo Determination of Reduced Thiols in Rat Cerebellum Paraflocculus Following Salicylate-Induced Tinnitus by FluorescenceLingzhi Zhao(#)(); Zhao Li; Liu Zhao; Chenxiao Zhang
2017一种比率型铜离子电化学传感器及其分析应用赵灵芝(#)(); 赵柳; 苗延青; 刘春叶#
2017Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Properties of Two Complexes: ((Butylthio)8porphyrazinato)cobalt(II), Co(PzS8) and ((Butyloxyl) (Butylthio)7porphyrazinato)cobalt(II), Co(PzOS7)周鹏(#); 任小妹; 刘义; 刘阳; 张丙广; 杨昌军; 邓克俭()
2017Structural elucidation of three antioxidative polysaccharides from Tricholoma lobayenseYan Chen(#)(); Xue-Hui Li(#); Li-Yuan Zhou; Wan Li; Liu Liu; Dan-Dan Wang; Wen-Na Zhang; Sajid Hussain; Xiao-He Tian; Yong-Ming Lu()
2017Spinel-type manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4) microspheres: A novel affinity probe for selective and fast enrichment of phosphopeptidesLong Xing-yu; Li Jia-yuan; Sheng Dong; Lian Hong-zhen()
2017Stereoselective Copolymerization of Unprotected Polar and Nonpolar Styrenes by an Yttrium Precursor: Control of Polar-Group Distribution and MechanismLiu Dongtao(#); Wang Meiyan; Wang Zichuan; Wu Chunji; Pan Yupeng; Cui Dongmei()
2017Toward a uniform description of hydrogen bonds and halogen bonds: correlations of interaction energies with various geometric, electronic and topological parametersJian-Wei Zou(#)(); Meilan Huang; Gui-Xiang Hu; Yong-Jun Jiang
2017Signal­-amplified Immunoassay Based on Biometallization of Palladium Nanoparticles and Nickel­-Phosphorus Enhancement郭欣丽(#); 张平; 刘新亮; 张娜; 蒋美华; 康琪(); 申大忠()
2017Progress of air-breathing cathode in microbial fuel cellsZejie Wang(#); Gurumurthy Dummi Mahadevan; Yicheng Wu; Feng Zhao()
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 55432

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