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2018Effects of dietary valine:lysine ratio on the performance, amino acid composition of tissues and mRNA expression of genes involved in branched-chain amino acid metabolism of weaned pigletsYe Tong Xu(#); Xiao Kang Ma; Chun Lin Wang; Ming Feng Yuan; <b>Xiang Shu Piao</b>()
2018Effect of organic acids and essential oils on performance, intestinal health and digestive enzyme activities of weaned pigsY.T. Xu(#); Li. Liu(#); S.F. Long; L. Pan; <b>X.S. Piao</b>()
2018A combinational optimization method for efficient synthesis of tetramethylpyrazine by the recombinant Escherichia coliYouqiang Xu(#); Chunyan Xu(#); <b>Xiuting Li</b>(); Baoguo Sun; Ahmed Alaa Eldind; Yingmin Jia
2018An Orientation Map for Disparity-Defined Edges in Area V4Yang Fang; Ming Chen; Haoran Xu; Peichao Li; Chao Han; Jiaming Hu; Shude Zhu; Heng Ma; <b>Haidong D. Lu</b>()
2018Lack of correlation between host choice and feeding efficiency for the B and Q putative species of Bemisia tabaci on four pepper genotypes<b>Jiao Xiaoguo</b>(#); Xie Wen(#); Zeng Yang; Wang Chao; Liu Baiming; Wang Shaoli; Wu Qingjun; Zhang Youjun()
2018Visualizing the nucleotide addition cycle of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymeraseWu Jiqin(#); <b>Gong Peng</b>()
2018China’s new rural “separating three property rights” land reform results in grassland degradation: Evidence from Inner Mongolia<b>Ang Li</b>(#)(); Jianguo Wu; Xueyao Zhang; Jianguo Xue; Xingguo Han; Jianhui Huang()
2018Suppression of OsMADS7 in rice endosperm stabilizes amylose content under high temperature stress<b>Zhang, Hua</b>(#); Xu, Heng; Feng, Mengjie; Zhu, Ying()
2018Coalescent-based analyses of genomic sequence data provide a robust resolution of phylogenetic relationships among major groups of gibbons<b>Cheng-Min Shi</b>(#); Ziheng Yang()
2018Loss of Pten synergizes with c-Met to promote hepatocellular carcinoma development via mTORC2 pathwayXu Zhong(#); Hu Jun jie; <b>Cao Hui</b>; Pilo MG; Cigliano A; Shao Z; Xu M; Ribback S; Dombrowski F; Calvisi DF; Chen X()
2018低温胁迫对10份鹅观草属野生种质<b>李长慧</b>(#); 李淑娟(); 梁德飞
2018Molecular characterization and expression of toll-like receptor 5 genes from Pelteobagrus vachellii<b>qin chuanjie</b>(#)()
2018Synthesis and Assessment of Novel Anti-chlamydial Benzylidene Acylhydrazides Derivatives<b>Xiaofeng Bao</b>(#); Ying Xue; Chao Xia; Chao Xia; Ningjing Yang; Yu Zhao()
2018Effects of vanillic acid on peanut seed germination, seedling growth and rhizosphere microflora<b>Y.Q. Huang</b>(#); X.R. Han; C.H. Liang; C.Q. Zang; R.X. Shao; Y.Q. Zeng; J.F. Yang()
2018The largest early-diverging angiosperm family is mostly pollinated by ovipositing insects and so are most surviving lineages of early angiosperms.<b>Shi-Xiao Luo</b>(#)(); Zhang L-J; Yuan S; Ma Z-H; Zhang D-X; Renner S.S()
2018汉字阅读的语义神经回路及其与语音回路的协作机制杨剑峰(#)(); 党敏; 张瑞; <b>王小娟</b>
2018Pollen limitation, reproductive success and flowering frequency in single-flowered plants<b>孙海芹</b>(#)(); 黄宝强; 庾晓红; 田长宝; 彭启轩; 安德军
2018Comparative analysis of miRNA and mRNA abundance in determinate cucumber by highthroughput sequencingChao Ma(#); Jingjing Yang; Qing Cheng; Aijun Mao; Jian Zhang; Shiping Wang; Yiqun Weng; <b>Changlong Wen</b>()
2018Internalization of large particles by turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) IgM+ B cells mainly depends on macropinocytosisYi-qun Li(#); Li Sun(); <b>Jun Li</b>()
2018Effects of Microcystis aeruginosa on the expression of nuclear receptor genes in Daphnia similoides sinensisXu Xiaoxue(#); Zhang Ya-Nan; Peng Shuixiu; Wu Jianxun; <b>Deng Daogui</b>(); Zhou Zhongze()
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 65149

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