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2017Bacterial surface-displayed GII.4 human norovirus capsid proteins bound to HBGA-like molecules in Romaine lettuceMing Wang(#); Shaofeng Rong; Peng Tian; Yue Zhou; Shimin Guan; Qianqian Li(); Dapeng Wang()
2017Promotive effects of 5-aminolevulinic acid on fruitquality and coloration of Prunus persica (L.) BatschJiabao Ye(#); Xianghong Yang; Qiangwen Chen; Feng Xu(); Guiyuan Wang()
2017The Complete Plastid Genome of Lagerstroemia fauriei and Loss of rpl2 Intron from Lagerstroemia (Lythraceae)顾翠花(#); Luke R. Tembrock; Nels G. Johnson; Mark P. Simmons; 武志强()
2017DRD2基因TaqIA多态性与同伴侵害对青少年早期抑郁的交互作用曹衍淼(#); 王美萍; 曹丛; 纪林芹; 张文新()
2017不同护色预处理对牛蒡片真空冷冻干燥特性的影响王海鸥(#)(); 扶庆权; 陈守江; 王蓉蓉; 张伟
2017Function of Hevea brasiliensis NAC1 in dehydration-induced laticifer differentiation and latex biosynthesisCao Yuxin(#); Zhai Jinling(#); Wang Qichao; Yuan Hongmei; Huang Xi()
2017Endothelin-1 and ET receptors impair left ventricular function by mediated coronary arteries dysfunction in chronic intermittent hypoxia ratsJin-Wei Wang(#); Ai-Ying Li(#); Qiu-Hong Guo; Ya-jing Guo; James W. Weiss; En-Sheng Ji()
2017Revisiting the phylogeny of Wolbachia in CollembolaYao Ma(#); Wan-Jun Chen; Zhao-Hui Li; Feng Zhang; Yan Gao(); Yun-Xia Luan()
2017Morphological and Functional Differences between Athletes and Novices in Cortical Neuronal NetworksXiao-Ying Tan(#); Yan-Ling Pi(#); Jue Wang; Xue-Pei Li; Lan-Lan Zhang; Wen Dai; Hua Zhu; Zhen Ni; Jian Zhang; Yin Wu()
2017Global transcriptome analysis reveals extensive gene remodeling, alternative splicing and differential transcription profiles in non-seed vascular plant Selaginella moellendorffii李轩()
2017Decipher the ancestry of the plant-specific LBD gene family李轩()
2017Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteinsin the two developmental stages of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis姚嘉赟(#); 徐洋; 袁雪梅; 尹文林; 杨桂连; 蔺凌云; 潘晓艺; 王春凤(); 沈锦玉()
2017Parents induced- conditioned place preference and the neuronal expression of oxytocin and tyrosine hydroxylase in preweanling female pups王建礼(#)(); 刘朝宝; 马永平
2017Structural elucidation of three antioxidative polysaccharides from Tricholoma lobayenseChen; Yan(#)(); Li; Xue-Hui; Zhou; Li-Yuan; Li; Wan; Liu; Liu; Wang; Dan-Dan; Zhang; Wen-Na; Hussain; Sajid; Tian; Xiao-He; Lu; Yong-Ming()
2017寒地玉米秸秆还田条件下土壤CO2排放与土壤温度的关系宋秋来(#); 王峭然; 冯延江; 王麒; 孙羽; 曾宪楠; 来永才()
2017Inducible Prophage Mutant of Escherichia coli Can Lyse New Host and the Key Sites of Receptor Recognition IdentificationMianmian Chen(#); Lei Zhang; Sipei Xin; Huochun Yao; Chengping Lu; Wei Zhang()
2017Matrine induces RIP3-dependent necroptosis in cholangiocarcinoma cellsBeibei Xu(#); Minying Xu(#); Yuan Tian; Qiang Yu; Yujie Zhao; Xiong Chen; Panying Mi; Hanwei Cao; Bing Zhang; Gang Song; Yan-yan Zhan(); Tianhui Hu()
2017A Novel Antibody Targeting Sequence 31–35 in Amyloid b Protein Attenuates Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Neuronal DamageLi Cheng(#); Jun Zhang(#); Li Yuan; Jian-Tian Qiao; Jin-Shun Qi()
2017The Arabidopsis thaliana Nuclear Factor Y Transcription FactorsHang Zhao(#); Di Wu; Fanying Kong; Ke Lin; Haisen Zhang; Gang Li()
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