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2016Beneficial soil microbe Bacillus subtilis (GB03) promotes seed germination, growth and photosynthesis in Codonopsis pilosulaWu YN; Feng YL; Paré PW; Chen YL; Xu R; Wu S; Wang SM; Zhao Q; Li HR; Wang YQ; Zhang JL
2016Temperature Impact on the HydrothermalDepolymerization of Cunninghamia lanceolataEnzymatic/Mild Acidolysis Lignin in Subcritical WaterYuanyuan Zhao; Xiao Hong Li; Shubin Wu; Youming Li
2016determination of dimethoate and phosmet pesticides with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy刘燕德
2016Stachyose increases absorption and hepatoprotective effect of tea polyphenols in high fructose-fed miceWenfeng Li; Di Huang; Anning Gao; Xingbin Yang
2016Mechanism of 2,3-butanediol stereoisomers formation in a newly isolated Serratia sp. T241Liaoyuan Zhang; Zewang Guo; Jiebo Chen; Quanming Xu; Hui Lin; Kaihui Hu; Xiong Guan; Yaling Shen
2016Conventional,ultrasound-assisted, and accelerated-solvent extractions of anthocyanins frompurple sweet potatoesZan Cai; Ziqian Qu; Yu Lan; Shujuan Zhao; Xiaohua Ma; Qiang Wan; Pu Jing; Pianfan Li
2016Identification of a bacterium isolated from the diseased brown planthopper and determination of its insecticidal activityHongtao Niu; Baosheng Liu; Yongteng Li; Huifang Guo
2016田间空气中小麦白粉菌分生孢子的动态监测研究刘伟; 姚冬明; 范洁茹; 陈莉; 曹学仁; 丁克坚; 周益林; 邹亚飞; 段霞瑜
2016Residuemutations of xylanase in Aspergilluskawachii alter its optimum pH秋瑾; 彭日荷
2016Gene-expression profile of developing pollen tube of Pyrus bretschneideriZhou Hongsheng; Yin Hao; Chen Jianqing; Liu Xing; Gao Yongbin; Wu Juyou; Zhang Shaoling
2016亚麻酸对水牛卵母细胞体外成熟与早期胚胎体外发育的影响郑海英; 杨春艳; 张秀芳; 黄芬香; 梁贤威; 尚江华; 郑威
2016Lossof 5-hydroxymethylcytosine is linked to gene body hypermethylation in kidneycancerKe Chen; Jing Zhang; Zhongqiang Guo; Qin Ma; Zhengzheng Xu; Yuanyuan Zhou; Zhiying Xu; Zhongwu Li; Yiqiang Liu; Xiongjun Ye; Xuesong Li; Bifeng Yuan; Yuwen Ke; Chuan He; Liqun Zhou……
2016Variation in genomic methylation in natural populations of Populus simonii is associated with leaf shape and photosynthetic traitsCi, Dong; Song, Yuepeng; Du, Qingzhang; Tian, Min; Han, Shuo; Zhang, Deqiang
2016Synaptotagmin 11 inhibitsclathrin-mediated and bulk endocytosisWang Changhe; Wang Yeshi; Hu Meiqin; Chai Zuying; Wu Qihui; Huang Rong; Han Weiping; Zhang, Claire Xi; Zhou Zhuan
2016Responsiveness of performance and morphological traits to experimental submergence predicts field distribution pattern of wetland plantsLuo F-L; Huang L; Lei T; Xue W; Li H-L; Yu F-H; Cornelissen JHC
2016干旱区典型盐生植被土壤团聚体组成及有机碳分布王静娅; 张凤华
2016Intensemethane ebullition from open water area of a shallow peatland lake on theeastern Tibetan Plateau朱单; 吴彦; 陈槐; 何奕忻; 吴宁
2016Patterns and possible mechanisms of soil CO2 flux in sandy soilFa KY; Zhang YQ; Wu B; Qin SG; She WW
2016Construction of a high density linkage map and its application in the identification of QTLs for soluble sugar and organic acidcomponents in appleBaiquan Ma; Shuang Zhao; Benhong Wu; Dongmei Wang; Qian Peng; Albert Owiti; Ting Fang; Liao Liao; Collins Ogutu; Schuyler S. Korban; Shaohua Li; Yuepeng Han
2016An Early-stage Atherosclerosis Research Model Based on MicrofluidicsWenfu Zheng; Rong Huang; Bo Jiang; Yuyun Zhao; Wei Zhang; Xingyu Jiang
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 46988

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