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2016Water and carbon dioxide fluxes over an alpine meadow in southwest China and the impact of a spring drought eventLei Wang; Huizhi Liu; Jihua Sun; Jianwu Feng
2016Nanjing-an ancient cityrising in transitional ChinaFeng Yuan; Jinglong Gao; Jiawei Wu
2016Implementation of a One-Dimensional Enthalpy-Sea-Ice Model in a Simple Pycnocline Prediction Model for Sea-Ice Data Assimilation StudiesXinrongWU; Shaoqing ZHANG; Zhengyu LIU
2016A constitutive modelof frozen saline sandy soil based on energy dissipation theory赖远明; Mengke Liao; Kai Hu
2016Nucleation and growth of sub-3nm particles in the polluted urban atmosphere of a megacity in ChinaH. Yu; L. Y. Zhou, L. Dai, W. C. Shen, J. Zheng, Y.Ma; M. D. Chen
2016Anisotropic regime across northeastern Tibet and its geodynamic implicationsZhuo Ye; Qiusheng Li; Rui GAO; Hongshuang Zhang; Xuzhang Shen; Xuzhou Liu; Chen Gong
2016Simulation of Quasi-Linear Mesoscale Convective Systmes in Northern China: Lightning Activities and Storm Structure李万莉; 郄秀书; 傅慎明; 苏德斌; 沈永海
2016添加小麦秸秆生物炭对黄土吸附苯甲腈的影响蒋煜峰; Uwamungu Jean Yves; 孙航; 胡雪菲; 慕仲锋; 展惠英
2016Multi-geophysical approach for the better understanding and characterization of subsurface structuresDe-Bao Lu; Qi-You Zhou; Jin-Yi Dong; Zhong-San Zhang
2016底泥中红霉素耐受菌群的多样性分析李宛蔓; 杨琛; 郭楚玲; 马天行; 党志
2016Glacier shrinkage in the Daxue and Danghenan ranges of the western Qilian Mountains, China, from 1957 to 2010Wang Puyu; Li Zhongqin; Yu Guobin; Li Huilin; Wang Wenbin; Huai Baojuan; Zhou Ping; Jin Shuang; Wang Lin; Zhang Hui
2016Experimental study of REE, Ba, Sr, Mo and W partitioning between carbonatitic melt and aqueous fluid with implicationsfor rare metal mineralizationWenlei Song; Cheng Xu
2016The interaction of terahertz waves and a dusty plasma slab with Epstein distributionMaoyan Wang; Zhitao Xu; Yuliang Dong; Jun Xu; Meng Zhang
2016石羊河下游退耕地土壤微生物及土壤酶活性王理德; 姚拓; 王方琳; 魏林源; 郭春秀; 吴春荣; 李发明
2016大型土壤动物群落对短花针茅草原荒漠化过程的响应李金霞; 张乐; 红梅; 乌云塔娜
2016Assessment of the Benefits of the Chinese Public Weather ServiceHuiling Yuan; Min Sun; Yuan Wang
2016Calcium isotopic composition of mantle xenoliths and minerals from Eastern ChinaJin-Ting Kang; Hong-Li Zhu; Yu-Fei Liu; Fang Liu; Fei Wu; Yan-Tao Hao; Xia-Chen Zhi; Zhao-Feng Zhang; Fang Huang
2016Effect of Mn substitution on the promoted formaldehyde oxidation over spinel ferrite: Catalyst characterization, performance and reaction mechanismPeng Liu; Xiaoliang Liang; Hongping He; Gaoling Wei; Feihong Qi; Fuding Tan; Wei Tan; Jianxi Zhu; Runliang Zhu
2016Global warming-related tree growth decline and mortality on the north-eastern Tibetan plateauLiang E; Leuschner C; Dulamsuren C; Wagner B; Hauck M
2016The Trace Model: A model for simulation of the tracing process during evacuations in complex route environmentsLi; Wenhang; Li; Yi; Yu; Ping; Gong; Jianhua; Shen; Shen
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