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2016Quantitative proteomic analysis of Dunaliella salina upon acute arsenate exposureGe Ying; Ning Zhibin; Wang Ya; Zheng Yanheng; Zhang Chunhua; Figeys Daniel
2016Effect of morphology on the optical properties of soot aggregated with spheroidal monomers吴俣
2016Spatio-Temporal Variation of Spring Phenology in Tibetan Plateau and its Linkage to Climate Change from 1982 to 2012DING Mingjun; LI Lanhui; NIE Yong; CHEN Qian; ZHANG Yili
2016比例边界有限元模拟裂纹和夹杂动力相互作用施明光; 徐艳杰; 张楚汉
2016Does electricity consumption improve residential living status in lessdeveloped regions? An empirical analysis using the quantile regression approach.Shuwen Niu; Yanqin Jia; Liqiong Ye; Runqi Dai
2016The geochemical behavior of Mg isotopes in the Huanghe basin, ChinaBai-Ling Fan; Zhi-Qi Zhao; Faxiang Tao; Xiaodong Li; Zhenghua Tao; Shuang Gao; Maoyong He
2016南极适冷菌Psychrobacter sp. G冷激蛋白基因Csp2039的表达分析李阳; 车帅; 王桢; 林学政
2016Public health in China: an environmental and socio-economic perspectiveWenjing Song; Yonghua Li; Zhe Hao; Hairong Li; Wuyi Wang
2016刘屹岷, 刘伯奇, 任荣彩,段安民, 毛江玉, 2016, 当前重大厄尔尼诺事件对我国春夏气候的影响,刘屹岷; 刘伯奇; 任荣彩; 段安民; 毛江玉
2016Faulting structure above the Main Himalayan Thrust as shown by relocated aftershocks of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal earthquakeBai, L.; Liu, H.; Ritsema, J.; Mori, J.; Zhang, T.; Ishikawa,Y.; Li, G.
2016星云湖硅藻群落响应近现代人类活动与气候变化的过程刘园园; 陈光杰; 施海彬; 陈小林; 卢慧斌; 段立曾; 张虎才; 张文翔
2016Long-term chronological shifts in bacterial communities and hydrolytic extracellular enzyme activities in the forty years following a land-use change from upland fields to paddy fieldsJiang N.; Wei K.; Chen L.J.
2016基于Xu-White 模型TZ 地区致密砂岩弹性波速测井解释代鹏; 丁文龙; 尹帅; 何建华; 李昂
2016Mass-independent fractionation of even mercury isotopes: a reviewCai HongMing; Chen JiuBin
2016Phospholipid 13C stable isotopicprobing during decomposition of wheat residuesBai, Z.; Liang, C.; Bodé, S.; Huygens, D.; Boeckx, P.
2016阿尔泰山区两种树轮宽度年表气候响应特征牛军强; 袁玉江; 张同文; 尚华明; 张瑞波; 喻树龙; 陈峰; 姜盛夏
2016Biodegradation, biosorption of phenanthrene and its trans-membrane transport by Massilia sp. WF1 and Phanerochaete chrysosporiumhasGu HP; Lou J; Wang HZ; Yang Y; Wu LS; Wu JJ; Xu JM
2016Distribution, compositional pattern and sources ofpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban soils of an industrial city,Lanzhou,ChinaYufeng Jiang; Uwamungu J. Yves; Hang Sun; Xuefei Hu; Huiying Zhan; Yingqin Wu
2016西藏羊卓雍错流域水体水质评价及主要污染因子者萌; 张雪芹; 孙瑞; 汪步惟
2016Seasonal variations of seawater pCO2 and sea-air CO2 fluxes in a fringing coral reef, northern South China SeaHongqiang Yan; Kefu Yu; Qi Shi; Yehui Tan; Guohui Liu; Meixia Zhao; Shu Li; Tianran Chen; Yinghui Wang
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41349

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