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2017Preparation of carbon spheres supported CdS photocatalyst for enhancement its photocatalytic H2 evolutionQizhao Wang(#)(); Juhong Lian; Shuling Zhang; Jijuan He; Junbo Zhong; Jianzhang Li; Haohao Huang(); Biao Su
2017A Study of Series Z-Source and Nine-Switch Dual-Output Inverter Stage Two-Stage Matrix ConverterWenlang Deng(#); Xinchao Ju; Lijuan Li(); YouguiGuo; Zhujin Huang; Li Zheng; Shuwei Deng
2017Large reversible magnetostriction in B-substituted MnCoSi alloy at room temperatureY. Gong; J. Liu; G. Xu; F. Xu(); D. Wang
2017Designing magnetic compensated states in tetragonal Mn3Ge-based Heusler alloysY. You; G. Xu(); F. Hu; Y. Gong; E. Liu; G. Peng; F. Xu()
2017Highly-dispersive spin gapless semiconductors in rare-earth-element contained quaternaryG. Xu; Y. You; Y. Gong; E. Liu; F. Xu(); W. Wang
2017Porous ZnO/NiO Microspherical Structures Prepared by Thermolysis of Heterobimetallic Metal-Organic Framework as Supercapacitor ElectrodesLongmei Zhang(#); Junhao Zhang(); Yuanjun Liu; Li Zhang; Aihua Yuan()
2017Properties of exotic metastable germanium:the case of ST12Zhisheng Zhao; Haidong Zhang; Duck Young Kim; Wentao Hu; Emma S. Bullock & Timothy A. Strobel
2017Water and Dye-free Coloration of WoolCai; Guangming(#); Xu; Zhenglin; Tang; Bin(); Wang; Xungai
2017Experimental investigation on film cooling characteristics of ellipse-shaped tabYang Weihua(#)(); Shi Xiaoxiang; Zhang Jingzhou
2017结合面切向接触等效黏性阻尼分形模型温淑花(#); 张学良; 陈永会; 兰国生
2017Sounding method: A technique of wave overtopping measurement basing on the hydraulic pressure sensors李晓亮(#)()
2017Transient pulse test and morphological analysis of single rock fracturesYanlin Zhao(); Lianyang Zhang(); Weijun Wang; Jingzhou Tang; Hang Lin; Wen Wan
2017Second Order Oscillation Mode Study of Hydropower System based on Linear Elastic Model and Modal Series MethodHuimin Gao(#)(); Xiaogao Xie; Jianmin Zhang; Chenxi Wu; Kai Sun
2017岩石变形破裂微震、电荷感应、自电位和声发射实验研究赵扬锋(#)(); 刘力强; 潘一山; 焦波波; 张超
2017声波钻柔性共振钻柱对岩石的瞬态冲击Long Sun(#); Changgen Bu(); Peida Hu; Bairu Xia
2017The effect of ultrasonic impact treating on wear resistance and microhardness of AZ91D magnesium alloyHe Bolin(#)(); Yu Yingxia; Xia Songsong; Lv Zongmin
2017Effect of Actively Managed Thermal-Loading in Optimal Design of an Aeroengine Turbine DiskGuo LI(#); Shuiting DING(); Mengyao BAO; Hexing SUN
2017Water resources deployment model for Pingshui river basinHuang  Binbin(#)(),Niu  Jingtai,Gui  Faliang
2017LiRb2PO4: a new deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical phosphate with a large SHG responseLin Li; Ying Wang; Bing-Hua Lei; Shujuan Han(); Zhihua Yang; Hongyi Li; Shilie Pan()
2017Preparation of multi-tip arrays on flexible substrates for large-scale microfabricationJialiang Chen(#); Jiantao Liu; Bingjun Yu(); Lei Chen; Chenning Jin; Linmao Qian
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