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2017牛顿流体两辊间隙施涂过程的理论建模与分析包能胜(#); 马婉; 黄学佳
2017Syntheses, characterization and theoretical studies of three apatite-type phosphates MPb4(PO4)3 (M = K, Rb, Cs)Maierhaba Abudoureheman; Shujuan Han(); Xiaoyu Dong; Bing-Hua Lei; Ying Wang; Zhihua Yang; Xifa Long(); Shilie Pan()
2017Flexible die drawing of magnesium alloy sheet by superimposing ultrasonic vibration曹秒艳(#); 李建超; 苑亚宁; 赵长财()
2017Characteristics of Phytoplankton Assemblage and Distribution in the Source Regions of the Yangtze River and Lancang River殷大聪(#)(); 许继军; 金 燕; 许 珍
2017Characterization of polymeric shape memory materialsXuelian Wu(#); Weimin Huang(); Haibao Lu; Changchun Wang; Haibo Cui
2017Experimental comparison of adsorption characteristics of silica gel and zeolite in moist airF. Xin(#); Z. X. Yuan(); W. C. Wang; C. X. Du
2017Influence of fixed abrasive configuration on the polishing process of silicon wafersCongfu Fang(#)(); Zaixing Zhao; Longyuan Lu; Yanfen Lin
2017超声冲击技术对焊接接头表面质量的影响邓海鹏(#); 于影霞()
2017Introducing multi-source pinning centers into Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductor through addition of BiFeO3 nano-particlesGuo-Zheng Li(#)(); Shou-Yu Wang; Jia-Wei Li; Wan-Min Yang
2017电磁加载对超声传播特性的影响分析张闯(#)(); 李福彪; 刘素贞; 蔡智超; 杨庆新
2017A 32-channel coil system for MR vessel wall imaging of intracranial and extracranial arteries at 3TXiaoqing Hu(#); Ye Li; Lei Zhang; Xiaoliang Zhang; Xin Liu; Yiu-Cho Chung
2017Investigation on bainite transformation and metastable omega/orthorhombic martensite phases in as-quenched Cu-bearing ferrite steelRanran Ge(#); Hui Xie; Wei Wang(); Shijuan Zhu; Ziying Zhang; Bo Wang; Bangxin Zhou
2017Hierarchical sparse Bayesian learning for structural damage detection: Theory, computation and applicationYong Huang(黄永); James L. Beck; Hui Li
2017Acid-sensitive dextran prodrug: A higher molecular weight makes a better efficacyDi Li; Jiandong Han; Jianxun Ding(); Li Chen(); Xuesi Chen
2017Targeted hydroxyethyl starch prodrug for inhibiting the growth and metastasis of prostate cancerKaidong Zhao; Di Li; Weiguo Xu; Jianxun Ding(); Weiqian Jiang; Mingqiang Li(); Chunxi Wang(); Xuesi Chen
2017Effects of phase constitution and microstructure on energy storageproperties of barium strontium titanate ceramicsYong Jun Wu(#); Yu Hui Huang; Nan Wanga; Juan Li(); Mao Seng Fu; Xiang Ming Chen
2017Dielectric properties under high electric field for silicon doped alumina thin film with glass-like structure derived from sol-gel processYao Manwen(#); Su Zhen; Zou Pei; Chen Jianwen; Li Fei; Feng Qian; Yao Xi
2017A Surface Pattern on MALDI Steel Plate for One-Step In-Situ Self-Desalting and Enrichment of Peptides/ProteinsSheng Wang(#); Ying Li; 1 Ling Ling; 1 Xuesi Chen; 2; Chunsheng Xiao; 2; Xinhua Guo(); Xuesi Chen()
2017Tensile and Fatigue Properties of Single and Multiple Dissimilar Welded Joints of DP980 and HSLAQ.L. Cui(#)
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