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2017The Clustering Analysis Method of The Learning Characteristics Based on The Virtual Learning CommunityYan Cheng; Jianhua Xie; Zhiming Yang
2017An Empirical Research of Human Behavior Dynamics in Network Course LearningYan Cheng; Yan Zeng
2017Research on Learning Ability Evaluation Model of Educational Virtual Community MembersYan Cheng; Zhiming Yang; Yan Zeng
2016A Deadlock-Freeand Connectivity-Guaranteed Methodology for Achieving Fault-tolerance inOn-chip NetworksPengju Ren; Xiaowei Ren; Sudhanshu Sane; Michel A. Kinsy; Nanning Zheng
2016Interstitial clusters on Σ = 11(113) grain boundary in copper: Geometric structure, stability, and ability to annihilate vacanciesL. L. Liu; Q. Liu; Z. Wang; Z. Tang
2016A note on observability of boolean control networksDaizhan Cheng; Hongsheng QI; Ting Liu; Yuanhua Wang
2016Oscillations in Interconnected Complex Networks under Intentional AttackWen-Ping Zhang; Yongxiang XIa; Fei Tan
2016Characteristics of deep ultraviolet AlGaN-based light emitting diodes with p-hBN layerDong Kexiu; Chen Dunjun
2016Creep and recovery behaviors of magnetorheological elastomer based on polyurethane/epoxy resin IPNs matrixSong Qi; Miao Yu; Jie Fu; Peidong Li; Mi Zhu
2016Low light level all-optical switching in a four-leve latom-cavity system段亚凡
2016Video restoration based on PatchMatch and reweighted low-rank matrix recovery徐博华; 岑翼刚; 魏哲; 岑翼; 赵瑞珍; 苗振江
2016Thermal-oxidativegrowth of aligned W18O49 nanowire arrays for highperformance gas sensorQin Yuxiang; Xie Weiwei; Liu Yang; Ye Zhenhua
2016Night-Time Vehicle Sensing in Far Infrared Image with Deep LearningHai Wang; Yingfeng Cai; Xiaobo Chen; Long Chen
2016Perfect match model based link assignment to designtopology for satellite constellation systemZhe Liu; Wei Guo; Weisheng Hu; Changlin Deng; Yanbin Zhao
2016Study on the contagion among American industriesYang Chunxia; Zhu Xueshuai; Jiang Luoluo; Hu Sen; Li He
2016Modeling Protein Loop Structure by Cyclic Coordinate Descent-based ApproachHaiou Li; Lu Sun; Sheng Luo; Xiaoyan Xia; Qiang Lyu
2016Error-constrained reliable tracking control for discrete time-varying systems subject to quantization effectsShuai Liu; Guoliang Wei; Yan Song; Yurong Liu
2016A Novel Freeway Traffic Speed Estimation Model with Massive Cellular Signaling DataTongyu Zhu; Zhixin Song; Dongdong Wu; Jianjun Yu
2016Asymptotic properties of Pearson׳s rank-variate correlation coefficient in bivariate normal modelWeichao Xu; Rubao Ma; Yanzhou Zhou; Shiguo Peng; Yunhe Hou
2016DFT study oninteraction of NO2 with the vacancy-defected WO3 nanowires for gas-sensing, ,2016,222: 499-507Qin Yuxiang; Ye Zhenhua
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 70042

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