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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018QoE Driven BS Clustering and Multicast Beamforming in Cache-enabled C-RANsRuijin Sun; <b>Ying Wang</b>(); Nan Cheng; Haibo Zhou; Xuemin Shen
2018Mesh-based Autoencoders for Localized Deformation Component AnalysisQingyang Tan(#); <b>Lin Gao</b>(); Yu-Kun Lai; Jie Yang; Shihong Xia
2018Real-time 3D Face Reconstruction and Gaze Tracking for Virtual RealityShu-Yu Chen(#); <b>Lin Gao</b>(); Yu-Kun Lai; Paul L. Rosin; Shihong Xia
2018Energy-efficient and Deadline-satisfied Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud ComputingChaogang Tang; Shuo Xiao; <b>Xianglin Wei</b>(); Mingyang Hao; Wei Chen
2018Predicting Aesthetic Score Distribution through Cumulative Jensen-Shannon Divergence<b>Xin Jin</b>(#); Le Wu; Xiaodong Li; Siyu Chen; Siwei Peng; Jingying Chi; Shiming Ge(); Chenggen Song; Geng Zhao
2018Diagnose for downhole working conditions of the beam pumping unit based on 16-directions chain codes and K-means clustering method<b>Kun Li</b>(#)(); Ying Han
2018Improved FOA-ESN method using opposition-based learning mechanism for the network traffic prediction with multiple stepsYing Han(#)(); <b>Kun Li</b>
2018Adaptive compressed sensing of multi-view videos based on the sparsity estimationSenlin Yang,<b>Senlin Yang,</b>(#)(); Xilong Li; Xin Chong
2018Adaptive Ratio for the Compressed Sensing of Multi-view VideosYANG SENLIN<b>YANG SENLIN</b>(#)(); CHONG XIN; LI XILONG
2018SQLiteKV: An Efficient LSM Tree-based Light-weight Database Engine for Mobile DevicesYuanjing Shi(#); Zhaoyan Shen; <b>Zili Shao</b>()
2018DarkRank: Accelerating Deep Metric Learning via Cross Sample Similarities TransferYuntao Chen; Naiyan Wang; <b>Zhaoxiang Zhang</b>()
2018CMCGAN: A Uniform Framework for Cross-Modal Visual-Audio Mutual GenerationWangli Hao; <b>Zhaoxiang Zhang</b>(); He Guan
2018Integrating both Visual and Audio Cues for Enhanced Video CaptionWangli Hao; <b>Zhaoxiang Zhang</b>(); He Guan
2018Fabrication Condition Optimization of AIN Films and Its Nanometer Scale Piezoelectric PropertiesRongrong Cao(#); <b>Fang Wang</b>(); Yulin Feng; Bangran Fu; Yinping Miao; Baohe Yang; Kailiang Zhang()
2018Minimum barrier superpixel segmentationYinlin HU(#); Yunsong Li; <b>Rui Song</b>(); Peng Rao; Yangli Wang
2018基于密钥分发和密文抽样的云数据确定性删除方案王敏燊; <b>熊金波</b>(); 林倩; 王丽丽
2018Enhanced Gas Sensing Properties Based on ZnO-Decorated Nickel Oxide Thin Films for Formaldehyde DetectionKailiang Zhang(#)(); Hanxia Zhang; Shijiu Sun; Zhengchun Yang(); Yujie Yuan; <b>Fang Wang</b>
2018Fabrication of Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films with Various Microstructures for Gas Sensing ApplicationKailiang Zhang(#)(); Hanxia Zhang; Rongbin Liu; Zhengchun Yang; Yujie Yuan(); <b>Fang Wang</b>
2018Negative differential resistance effect induced by metal ion implantation in SiO2 film for multilevel RRAM applicationFacai Wu(#); Shuyao Si(#); Tuo Shi; Xiaolong Zhao; <b>Qi Liu</b>(); Lei Liao(); Hangbing Lv; Shibing Long; Ming Liu
2018Improved known-plaintext attack to permutation-only multimedia ciphersLeo Yu Zhang(#)(); Yuansheng Liu; Cong Wang; <b>Jiantao Zhou</b>; Yushu Zhang; Guanrong Chen
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