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2017The Clustering Analysis Method of The Learning Characteristics Based on The Virtual Learning CommunityYan Cheng; Jianhua Xie; Zhiming Yang
2017An Empirical Research of Human Behavior Dynamics in Network Course LearningYan Cheng; Yan Zeng
2017Research on Learning Ability Evaluation Model of Educational Virtual Community MembersYan Cheng; Zhiming Yang; Yan Zeng
2017Observable degree analysis on mobile target tracking for wireless sensor networksJinyan Ma; Quanbo Ge; Shaodong Chen; Yongting Wang
2017On the monotonicity of topological indices and the connectivity of a graphRenfang Wu(#); Hanlin Chen; Hanyuan Deng()
2017The Study on Broad Directivity Characteristic of Piston Transducer with finite baffleLei Qin; Chuanxin Gu; Likun Wang; Chao Zhong; Jin; Dan Long
2017Synthetic Bandwidth Azimuth Modulation Imaging Radar for Airborne single-channel Forward-looking Imagingchen hongmeng(#); li ming(); wang zeyu; wu yan
2017New Smoothed Time-Frequency Rate Representations for Suppressing Cross Termszuo lei(#)(); li ming(); xia xianggen
2017Stability analysis of hybrid neural networks with impulsive time windowXin Wang(#); Hui Wang(); Chuandong Li; Tingwen Huang
2017A Computational Approach to the Multi-Period Many-to-One Matching with TiesXiong Xinsheng(#)(); Zhao Yong(#); Chen Yang
2017Interband optical absorption in wurtzite MgxZn1-xO/ZnO/MgyZn1-yO asymmetric quantum wells谷卓(#); 朱振南; 王萌萌; 王明山; 王延庆; 屈媛; 班士良()
2017Effects of two-mode transverse optical phonons in bulk wurtzite AlGaN on electronic mobility in AlGaN/GaN quantum wells谷卓(#); 班士良; 蒋丹丹; 屈媛()
2017Dynamic evolution of government’s public trust change in online collective behavior: a social computing approach肖人彬(#)(); 侯俊东(); 李劲
2017基于SVM的高光谱遥感图像亚像元定位<strong>王毅</strong>; 李季
2017Incentive Mechanism Design to Meet Task Criteria in Crowdsourcing: How to Determine Your BudgetWeiwei Wu(#); Wanyuan Wang; Minming Li; Jianping Wang; Xiaolin Fang; Yichuan Jiang; Junzhou Luo
2017A Mixed Approach for Solving Volume-Surface Integral Equations in the Analysis of Microstrip Antenna and Packaging StructuresMei Song Tong(#)(); Shi Cong Wang
2017Refining Transient Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis: A New Approach Based on the Magnetic Field Integral EquationGuo Chun Wan(#); Mei Song Tong()
2017Carrier TrackingEstimation Analysis by Using the Extended Strong Tracking Filtering.Quanbo Ge; Teng Shao; Shaodong Chen; Chenglin Wen
2017NMF-Based Image Quality Assessment Using Extreme Learning MachineShuigen Wang(#); Chenwei Deng(); Weisi Lin; Guang-Bin Huang; Baojun Zhao
2017Delay-dependent stability analysis of neural networks with time-varying delay: A generalized free-weighting-matrix approachChuan-Ke Zhang(#); Yong He; Lin Jiang; Wenjuan Lin
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 84268

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