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2016一种线性最小二乘法的声源目标精确定位方法吴晓平; 王国英
2016Third Party Broker based Resource Management in Mobile ComputingYonghua Xiong; Lei Li; Keyuan Jiang; Hong Yu
2016Automatic network clustering via density-constrained optimizationwith grouping operatorJianshe Wu; Fang Wang; Peng Xiang
2016Investigation on Endurance Characteristics of Phase Change Memory CellsHuo Ruru; Cai Daolin; Bomy Chen; Chen Yifeng; Wang Yuchan; Wang Yueqing; Wei Hongyang; Wang Qing; Xia Yangyang; Gao Dan; Song Zhitang
2016CoCo+: Exploiting Correlated Core for Energy Efficient Dissemination in Wireless Sensor NetworksZhiwei Zhao; Jiajun Bu; Wei Dong; Tao Gu; Xianghua Xu
2016Enhancing extraction efficiency of mid-infrared fluorescence in chalcogenide glass via photonic crystalJun Zhang; Peiqing Zhang; Beijiao Ma; Shixun Dai; Wei Zhang; Qiuhua Nie
2016Controllability of heterogeneous multi-agent systems under directed and weighted topologyYongqiang Guan; Zhijian Ji; Lin Zhang; Long Wang
2016基于矢量量化的高效随机物理层密钥提取方案李鑫; 李兴华; 杨丹; 马建峰
2016In situ growth of microporous ZnO nanorods on ITO for dopamine oxidizationXiu-Xiu-xiu Dong; Yi-xin Liu; Yuan-ming Sun; Chi Yang; Zhen-lin Xu
2016Hybrid sampling-based clustering ensemble with global and local constitutionsYang Y.; Jiang J.
2016Semi-supervised concept factorization for document clusteringMei Lu; Xiang-Jun Zhao; Li Zhang; Fan-Zhang Li
2016Disturbance observer-based sliding mode backstepping control for are-entry vehicle with input constraint and external disturbanceFang Wang; Qun Zong; Qi Dong; Bailing Tian
2016A Spatial Mashup Service for Efficient Evaluation of Concurrent k-NN Queries(2015.10在线发表)Detian Zhang; Chi-Yin Chow; Qing Li; Xinming Zhang; Yinlong Xu
2016Personalized recommendation based on heat bidirectional transfer马文萍
2016The analysis of image contrast: From quality assessment to automatic enhancementKe Gu, Guangtao Zhai, Weisi Lin,; Min Liu
2016Fagot-like α`-NaV 2 O 5 Mesocrystals: from Synthesis, Growth Mechanism to Analysis of Na-ion Intercalation/Deintercalation AbilitiesPengcheng Liu; Dehua Zhou; Kongjun Zhu; Qingliu Wu; Yifeng Wang; Guoan Tai; Wei Zhang; Qilin Gu
2016Terahertz optical properties of the cornea鲁远甫
2016Multi-VO support in IHEP's distributed computing environmentT.Yan; B.Suo; X.H.Zhao; X.M.Zhang; Z.T.Ma; X.F.Yan; T.Lin; Z.Y.Deng; 李卫东; S.Belov; I.Pelevanyuk; A.Zhemchugov
2016Improving Posture Classification Accuracy for Depth Sensor-based Human Activity Monitoring in Smart EnvironmentsEdmond S. L. Ho; Jacky C. P. Chan; Donald C. K. C
2016基于FCA与CBR的设计模式检测研究肖卓宇; 何锫; 黎妍
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 70042

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