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2017High-Performance Noninvasive Side-Channel Attack Resistant ECC Coprocessor for GF(2m)Liao, Kai; <strong>Cui, Xiaoxin</strong>; Liao, Nan; Wang, Tian; Yu, Dunshan; Cui, Xiaole
2017Testing of 1TnR RRAM arraywith sneak path techniqueXiaole Cui; Qiang Zhang; <strong>Xiaoxin Cui</strong>; Xinan Wang; Jinfeng Kang; Xiaoyan Liu
2017Analysis of the Osteogenic Effects of Biomaterials Using Numerical SimulationLan Wang(#); Jie Zhang; Wen Zhang; Hui-Lin Yang; Zong-Ping Luo()
2017Robust room temperature ferromagnetism and band gap tuning in nonmagnetic Mg doped ZnO filmsZhiyong Quan(#)(); Xia Liu; Yan Qi; Zhilin Song; Shifei Qi; Guowei Zhou; Xiaohong Xu()
2017Fast Implementation for the Singular Value and Eigenvalue Decomposition Based on FPGA张水平(#); 明德烈()
2017Robust Sparse Recovery in Impulsive Noise via l(p)-l(1) OptimizationWen, Fei; Liu, Peilin; Liu, Yipeng; Qiu, Robert C.; Yu, Wenxian
2017An improved vector quantization method using deep neural networkWenbin Jiang; Peilin Liu; Fei Wen
2017Target recognition of log-polar ladar range images using moment invariantsWenze Xia(#); Shaokun Han; Jie Cao; Haoyong Yu
2017Robust support vector machines based on the rescaled hinge loss functionXu; Guibiao(#)(); Cao; Zheng; Hu; Bao-Gang; Principe; Jose C.
2017Study of far-field interference pattern for coherent Gaussian beams based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer单聪淼(#); 孙华燕(); 赵延仲
2017Distance measure with improved lower bound for multivariate time seriesLi Hailin(#)()
2017Acoustic Phonon Modes in Asymmetric AlxGa1-xN/GaN/AlyGa1-yN Quantum Wells昝宇海(#); 班士良(); 柴雅静; 屈媛
2017A Context-Aware Service Evaluation Approach over Big Data for Cloud ApplicationsLianyong Qi(#); Wanchun Dou; Chunhua Hu; Yuming Zhou
2017Security enhancement of the phase-shifting interferometry-based cryptosystem by independent random phase modulation in each exposureLiao, Meihua; <strong>He, Wenqi</strong>; Lu, Dajiang; Wu, Jiachen; Peng, Xiang
2017An interference-based optical authentication scheme using two phase-only masks with different diffraction distancesLu, Dajiang; <strong>He, Wenqi</strong>; Liao, Meihua; Peng, Xiang
2017Discussion and a new method of optical cryptosystem based on interferenceLu, Dajiang; <strong>He, Wenqi</strong>; Liao, Meihua; Peng, Xiang
2017A new kind of vertically aligned field emission transistor with a cylindrical vacuum channelZhihua Shen(#); Xiao Wang; Shengli Wu(); Jinshou Tian
2017Improving DFA attacks on AES with unknown and random faultsLiao, Nan; <strong>Cui, Xiaoxin</strong>; Liao, Kai; Wang, Tian; Yu, Dunshan; Cui, Xiaole
2017Synchronization of coupled neural networks with time-varying delayJin Zhang(#); Yanbo Gao()
2017Learning backtracking search optimisation algorithm and its applicationDebao Chen(#)(); Feng Zou; Renquan Lu(); Peng Wang
(Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 84268

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